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Sukispa Skincare Set Review

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Hey lovelies, I am back with another review!
This time I am introducing you girls and guys to the Sukispa Skincare series!

Sukispa Skin Care series

From left to right:
  • Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser
  • Renewal Bio-resurfacing Facial Peel
  • Bio-active Purifying Face Serum
  • Balancing Day Lotion
  • Pure Facial Moisture-balancing

Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser
The exfoliating lemon grass sugar.
The exfoliating foaming cleanser has a sweet lovely smell of lemon grass and sugar, and it foams a little on contact with water. It exfoliates the skin well and leaves no sticky residue behind as one might expect it to due to the presence of natural sugar.

The foaming cleanser does not irritate the skin and the best part is that it is so natural! I love how the cleanser smells so great and natural, like an amazing fruity scent and how it leaves the skin feeling rejuvenated! I would definitely rate this a 4/5!

Renewal Bio-resurfacing Facial Peel
The facial peel works well; it is easy to use and not unpleasant to smell. Upon drying, it will tighten on the skin to form a skin-like texture which can be then washed off to reveal the younger fresher skin underneath!

While the instruction said that the peel may sting, it did not do so for me, which is fantastic as honestly who wants to have a face peels that smarts right? I think it does a great job in brightening up my complexion and making my skin look healthier and more radiant! I would rate this a 3.5/5 because of the less sweet smell!

Bio-active Purifying Face Serum

For the Purifying Face Serum, personally I felt less of an immediate effect, but I always believe that some products need to be used over a long term period for effects to be shown, and hence it would be unfair for me to judge the product based on just one or two tries. However, it is undeniable that upon applying the serum, my face did feel smoother and less oily as compared to without the serum, hence this serum may prove to be useful over a long period!

Balancing Day Lotion
Woah, that is many steps to follow through in a skincare procedure, but trust me, if you stick to the end, you will definitely see the results! The balancing day lotion like its name helps to balance your skin's moisture and other components such that your skin's natural conditions can be restored, allowing your skin to thrive!

I love how the Sukispa/face series places so much emphasis on using natural ingredients and they do try their best to be as organic as possible, which is excellent since we don't want that much chemicals on our face!

I like the feeling of the balancing day lotion on my skin because it makes my skin feels soft and hydrated. I would rate this a 3.5/5!

Similar to the Balancing Day Lotion is the Pure Facial Moisture-balancing lotion which is intended for night use. I think both of the essence did a great job in hydrating and keeping my skin soft while breathable, and the best part is that neither of them went to the extent of clogging my pores or making my skin too oily, and just that alone makes me rate Pure Facial Moisture-balancing lotion a 4/5!

Would you like to find out more? Head over to their facebook today to find out more about their wonderful products!

 Thank you for reading and see you all soon!


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