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Korean Ulzzang (Natural Look) Make-up Tutorial

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Hey there pretties, today I am going to share with you guys a tutorial on the EASIEST way to achieve the Korean Ulzzang look!

In case you have no idea, "ulzzang" basically means to look naturally beautiful without make-up, which logically, is mostly a bit of bullshit since the trending look involves a lot of of different make-up.

I did a quick search and I think we are more or less aiming to look like that:

Korean Ulzzang Make-Up
Which actually is kind of dramatic. I mean, look at the contact lens, the shimmery tear tanks/ ducts (the aegyo sal, which means "cute eye bags") and the smokey winged liner. It would look great for prom, but not so much for your daily work.

So today, I am going to share with you all a more toned down version of the look above, so that you can wear it out when going out with your friends (especially those who don't wear make-up, you know, so you don't feel so awkward wearing that much). And, it is also good for work!

The finished look will look something like that, which IMO is much less dramatic than the one above. And yes, I also look a lot uglier than the person above (duh),  since I think that person is a Kpop star, though I am not sure whom.

Toned down look
I know, I was having a frizzy hair day. It sucks, because I just washed and straightened my hair and somehow it still look so fluffy and crappy. Arghs. Okay, enough of my digressions, let's begin.

*Remember, instructions are in Purple, the rest are just my rambling haha.

1. Big Eye Contact Lens

Big eye contacts are actually the most crucial step in achieving the look because we are kind of aiming for the "big, dolly-eyed and innocent" look. which is a teensy difficult for most of us with our natural irises since our irises tend to be so small. So far, the prettiest pair of eyes I have seen are actually on Dash (Xiaxue's baby), which are absolutely dolly and gorgeous!
Simple black
For contact lens, I am using Luxury Babe brand which is much cheaper than other brands but also able to deliver the same big eye effect. I bought mine at 6 dollars per pair, but I won't recommend you the dealer because I don't find them very reliable, since I almost didn't receive my products after I paid due to some checkpoint issues. But thank god it all turned out well.

The lens above is simpler (can't recall the number), with flower pattern.

The ones below are slightly more dramatic, since they have this crystal pattern, which usually do not show due to my dark irises (they are black, yikes), but when you look around and your eyeballs move, you can see the pattern at the edge.

Luxury babe 40, Black

2. Foundation

For foundation my favourite choice would be the Lasertox CC cream by Klarity, because it does a wonderful job in five areas:
  • providing coverage
  • brightening up the skin tone
  • keeping the skin moisturized, hydrated and soft without making your face oily.
  • smells wonderful, like moisturizer instead of make-up
  • the colour is white, and it changes to match the skin tone
In simple terms, it is able to give you the natural dewy "perfect skin" look without looking pasty.

Note that my tube of Lasertox here is sponsored, but I have used it for a year now, so I am not raving about this just for the sake of raving: it is really that good. I would in fact buy several more bottles if not for their exorbitant prices.

About a pea-sized amount on the forehead, each cheek and the chin would suffice! Blend the cream out so that there are no splotches of white anywhere, then squeeze out a suitable amount to cover your dark eye bags!
Klarity Lasertox CC cream
However, because I am running out of Lasertox and they are so expensive to buy, I am making do with my second favorite BB cream: IOPE Air cushion.

This was given to me in 2013 so that I can try it out and then submit a feedback form based on it, and yes, I was totally bought over by the ease of application. Not only so, the coverage is pretty fantastic and it similarly gives the skin a very natural glow. As compared to Klarity's Lasertox, I would say this one does a better job in concealing spots because of its color and density, thus with IOPE, the skin may feels a little less breathable.

IOPE air cushion

My really old and tattered IOPE cushion
4. Powder

Personally, I don't really like to use powder much, because it makes the face look heavier on make-up than necessary, which is not what we are aiming for.

However, I realized that my T-zone, especially my nose area gets oily and thus shiny really quick, which means that using powder may "mattify" the T-zone and make your face look less oily.

For powder, I am using Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Powder (really long name).

Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Powder
Apply it to the forehead, nose bridge (and sides of the nose), on the cheekbones, above the lips and on the chin. Remember not to leave a huge clot of powder anywhere!

Yes, I cracked the powder when I dropped it. Boo. :(
5. Eye Make Up

Instead of eye-liner, we will use black eye shadow to line our eyes because black shadow looks less harsh and thus less dramatic than eye-liner. Not the mention the fact that they are also a lot easier to apply haha.
Maybelline Hyper Diamond Eyeshadow
I am using Maybelline Hyper Diamond Eyeshadow, but you can use any brand that you prefer! ^^

Picking up a small amount of black eye shadow from your palette, tight line the top of your eyes, meaning try to draw the black line as close to your lash line as possible. In fact, if possible, try to fill in between your lashes (the gaps), so as to create the illusion of fuller lashes. 

Then extend the black line slightly by dragging it out to reach the corner of your eyes. Try not to flick upwards, because remember, we are going for the natural look! 

You can create more dimension to your eyes by shading in the V-shape at the corner of your eyes (where the eye liner extends to) so that you get the smokey eye liner look at the edge.

Then using the shimmery white colour, apply to under eye area, keeping it as close to water-line as possible! That creates a toned-down aegyo sal!

6. Optional: Mascara, Lipgloss and Nose shadow

You can choose to create an illusion of higher nose bridge using Daiso's nose shadow! But it is fully optional and it won't make that much of a difference to your look!
Daiso Nose Shadow
Usually, I am also too lazy to apply lip gloss, but you can do so if you want to have fuller and shiny looking lips.

Silky Girl Cola Flavored Lip Gloss
If you are short of time, you can probably choose to skip the mascara too! But if you do, then it will make your eyes look even better!

For this tutorial, I am using Maybelline Falsies mascara.

Tip to using mascara:
You can just apply the mascara to the tip of your lashes rather than the whole length! It not only lengthens the lashes suitably, it also prevents clumping of lashes! Also, try to apply it in a zig-zag motion to prevent clumping.
Maybelline Falsies


On the left: with foundation, powder and black eye shadow to line eyes

On the right: everything on left + nose powder, white shimmer and lip gloss ^^

I know that the tutorial may be a little hard to follow because after all, it is not a video and you may not understand what I am talking about. For those who have any queries, feel free to email me at thekiraknight@gmail.com to ask me about anything!

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and toodles!

Product Placement: IOPE air cushion, Klarity Lasertox CC Cream, Silky Girl Cola lip gloss


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