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Escoot: Korean Sports Watch

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Riddle: Why did Peter sit on his WATCH?
Ans: Because he wanted to be on time!

If you think the joke above is absolutely lame, well, you are actually quite right, since I remembered it from this joke book that I read in primary school. Hee.

But hey, this brings us to our main point today: KOREAN SPORTS WATCH!

I am not sure if it is only me, but nowadays whenever I hear the word "Korean", the said item seems to interest me more. Much more. Must be the Hallyu wave *thoughtful look*

If you are just as excited as I am, you will be more excited by the sleek, simple yet attractive design of the watch!

Escoot Korean Sports Watch 
Be it the blue or white watch surface, this Korean watch manages to retain its sense of admirable simplicity whilst giving us customers a choice between two delightful colors.

If you think that the color white is more prone to stains or simply incompatible with your skin tone, black watch strap is also an alternative which is more popular among male users.

Also available in classic black
I particularly like the uncluttered and easy-to-read watch face in this Korean watch because watches nowadays are generally laden with an assortment of functions that sometimes shadow the primary time-telling purpose of the watch. Have you ever had the experience of wearing an expensive wrist watch that offers an array of functions on its overly congested watch face, to the extent that it takes you a moment to locate the time-telling section? Not to mention that some of the sophisticated watches present a minimalist style that excludes the numbers on the watch face: time-telling (for me, at least) becomes a squint-and-estimate cycle. The simplicity of the watch face here thus precludes all these problems.

I like how the watch looks on my wrist, don't you?

Simple and clean look (photo is upside down)
Sorry, I can't seem to flip the photo upright for some strange reason.

As a sports watch, the strap of the watch is made of water proof material that snugly encases the body of the watch. (Hmm, I can't decide what the material is, seems like very durable rubber to me.) I believe such a design concept helps to keep the watch as dry as possible during exercises.

Not only so, if you are a fan of all things sparkly and shiny like I am but at the same time prefer to keep things simple, this watch is all the more the choicest selection.The tiny diamonds fitted at each number on the watch face catches light (especially sunlight) and gives the watch a sparkly and expensive appearance without making the watch seem overly flashy or bombastic.  

For just S$12, I feel like this watch is definitely a worthy buy, be it for yourself or for a friend!

Oh yes, did I mention that the watch also comes with spare batteries on top of the pretty packaging? (sorry mine was a bit out of shape from mailing, so I would spare you guys the photo ^^)

Sorry, here is the place where I would insert a bit of hard truths to my readers among my unabashed appreciation of the watch.

Foremost, I am not sure how long this watch is going to last you. I think part of my reservation and doubt also stems from my deeply-seated belief where price=quality. The higher I pay, the more likely it is that the product is going to be lasting me for a really long time. So as an individual who has just received a brand new watch, I am unable to make any guarantees that this will last you for xxx number of years, because I simply don't know. I can only tell you that so far, the strap looks pretty sturdy and unlikely to break any time soon!

But if you are one of those who prefers to keep a drawer full of a variety of watches, without minding their lifespans, then this is the watch for you! Because for just S$12, you get to buy a watch that you can match with almost any dress or outfit! 

Maybe I will update again a couple of years later when the watch spoils, and then we can all decide how durable this time-keeper is!

Yes, it is upside down. Still sleek.
Chinese New Year is coming soon! Not only that, a variety of other occasions worth celebrating lie in the year ahead, and when fretting over what to get for your friends and family, why not consider this watch? The simplicity of the design and the subtle shine of the small diamonds make this watch a perfect gift for all occasions!

Escoot.sg provides mailing free of charge, so make your way to Escoot today and check out their items including this watch~!

Will post again soon, love you all!


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