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Shanghai 2015 (Part II)

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Hmmm, this is going to be more like a photo album rather than a real post, since I don't really have that much to say!

The picture below shows you Shanghai's Railway Station. :D

And we arrived at Suzhou station.
Yep, the tiny little men in the distance are my grandpa (left) and pa (right).

Suzhou's Garden of the Humble Administrator

Suzhou's Garden of the Humble Administrator

Garden of the Humble Administrator

It is beautiful.

Simply breathtaking.

The guy in blue below is our tour guide, and he is extremely talkative

I know tour guides are supposed to talk a lot, but this one talks non stop.

Wait, every tour guide does that.

Okay, it is just that nobody in my family listened to anything he said (he was mildly annoyed by our ignorance) and we still had to pay him 100 rmb. Grrr.

My dad was the most annoyed by him bwahahaa, because he likes to look at the scenery peacefully.

Yeah, the tour guidy dude kept saying, "I am your tour guide! Listen to me and follow me okay!"

He must have said that almost 5 times throughout the tour.

The lady in red below is my grandma. She is a grumpy little lady.

Ended this photolog with a picture of the sky~~


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