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Watsons Collagen Lip Balm

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My aunt gave this to me this time when we were visiting in Shanghai! 

The pink is simply lovely and the worst thing is, I don't think this is available in Singapore...

Collagen, by Watsons
 I did a quick search on the internet and realised that there are actually THREE shades in total, which surprised me because I thought there was only one. Heh.

from left: orangey red, bright pink, and pale pink. (source)
This is how the packaging looks like

There are a lot of tiny little Chinese characters at the back that I could not be bothered to read because, com'on, they are too small.

From what I glimpsed in my brief scanning of the ant-sized words, this is what it says:
  • Multi-purpose: Lipstick, lip stain and lip balm all in one, so if you just use this, it will be really convenient! 
  • It is supposed to keep your lips moist, so you can say goodbye to dry and cracked lips. (which I suppose is really important since Shanghai's air was that dry)
  • Does not contain chemical based aromas (argh, lousy translation, I know) so it claims to be safe for use. I mean, duh, right? 

Watsons Collagen Lipbalm, Pale Pink
I like how simple the lip balm is packaged. The black casing makes it look exceptionally sleek and cool in my opinion. 

Chic minimalist packaging.
See what I mean? It has this shine and sparkle to it that makes it look so damn cool. Like it is a really expensive product even though rightfully, it is considered a drugstore based make-up and hence less atas.

I absolutely love the color. In pale pink, it provides the right degree of coloration for your lips without looking too dramatic or flamboyant. In fact, all you get is a healthy glow on your lips. In pink!

Originally, I had not expect it to be so pigmented, meaning that I didn't expect the color to come out so clearly with just one swipe.

But it is.

With just ONE simple stroke, you can see a clear difference between the area where you applied and that which you haven't. It looks great because it is like having those luscious pink baby lips without having to use lip gloss.

The feeling of the balm on the lips is not too heavy, meaning you can't actually feel like you have weight on your lips, a sensation that most lip glosses tend to give. And I suppose you can also use this in very solemn places (like school, HA!) without seeming like you are overly vain, since hey, the packaging says "collagen" and not "LIPSTICK". Heeehee. ^^

I am probably going to keep using it for a while, to see how it will be like over a long period of time, and I might do an update (if I remember).

Meanwhile, stay tuned!


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