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Om Nom #2

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Hey lovelies! It has been a while since I updated, and today I finally managed to be efficient WHILE being able to relax and get creative making desert!

Today's Om Nom is super simple! You can make it at home with just two simple ingredients which are chocolate wafer icecream (I got mine at just S$0.90) and a packet of Twiggies at S$1.20!

Now I have to boast a little: normally you have to get those classy looking ice cream desserts at high class restaurants for more than 5 dollars, but here, if you do a little DIY, you can get it at just S$2.10! Some more this can serve two people! (Given that you both eat moderately!)

I skipped all the steps in the middle because my hands were full of chocolate and ice cream bwhahaha.

Basically, just slice the twiggie cake the way you want it, and add the ice cream! It makes such a fabulous and cheap dessert! AND you can keep the other twiggie and the other half of the ice cream to eat another time!

Top View:

I added a few hazelnuts for cool effect:

That simple!

The next time, I am going to try with Napoleon ice cream and a mix of vanilla and chocolate twiggie! Stay happy and eat on!


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