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Rubber Band Looming

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There seems to be a new trend, and that is rubber band looming~~

I mean, all around the internet (and in shops) I keep seeing this pretty rainbow coloured kits being sold for really affordable prices: the ones I saw at Min Wan Heng Minimart costs around S$1.50 for a small pack, $4 plus for a medium pack and $6.50 for the largest pack. 

Even the Capsule Machines are selling all this stuff.

Rubber Band Looming Fishtail Design
Curiosity finally got better of my instinctive dislike for any new fads and trends, so I thought I would just waste S$1.50 on the smallest kit to try it out for myself!

And then I thought I would make my own Looming tutorial ahahah!

 Sorry I kind of like missed out Step 1, which is basically nothing haha, so just follow 2 onwards?

Basically you just move both end of the purple band to the middle such that it forms this double loop around the pink and yellow band.

Like that:

Add another band:

 Repeat the action of moving the bottom most band to the centre, and keep adding bands.

Half way, you will get this!

Half done rubber band bracelet

Depending on your own preferences, you can choose to make a dual toned or tri-toned bracelet. I am more partial to the tri-toned bracelet because I like the gradient and the complexity it seems to have. Clarissa prefers the one on the right: I let her pick since I making one for both her and Denyse hehe xD

Denyse got hers already btw. So now the tri-toned one belongs to me! Yay me!

And of course I can't give up a chance to model my own bracelets can I? :3 So here is a picture of my wrinkly hand with the bands!

The flipside~~

Hope you all have enjoyed my post! Do tell me, which one you like more: the tri-toned one or the dual toned one? Comment in the comments box below, and if we hit 10 comments, then I will carry out a give away where you can win the small looming kits to try for yourself! <3

Adieu loveliessss!


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