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Om Nom #3

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(Note: Sorry I had to change to Om Nom #3 instead of #4 because I realized that 3 was missing xD)

Food time!!! I can't believe how much good food I have eaten this week, but then, being the glutton that I am, I usually inhale my food before I have a chance to take any photos!

Here are two of the foods that I thought I would share this week!

Laksa from Eat @ Clementi, S$4.30

 The laksa soup tastes good, like with the right level of creaminess and spiciness as I like it, BUT I have one huge issue with it....

Can you tell from the photo how UTTERLY grainy the soup is?

Like instead of the smooth, silky soup you expect to taste and gulp in relish, you have to sip the soup through your teeth in an attempt to filter out all the dregs in the soup. And it is not a or two little bits of dregs.

They exist in clumps. Like huge clumpy clumps that get stuck in your teeth and refuse to get down your throat properly when you accidentally swallow it.

So instead of enjoying the laksa, you are just like trying to avoid all the dregs in the soup (hey look it is even evident on the fish cake! See the brownish mess?)

Dreg-filled soup aside, the laksa was vaguely disappointing. The tau-pok is way too hard and thus unfresh (or over-fried), the fish cake was okay, and the HALF A fried wanton they put in the soup along with Wu Xiang turned soggy (though still not too bad) and felt kinda of extra, really.

Overall rating? 2 out of 10. Severely displeased with the laksa. If you want to eat good laksa, go to West Mall food court, their soup has no dregs till you reach the bottom and everything goes well together.

Toast and Scramble/ Toastx2 Set (HCJC Canteen), each is S$2.00

 I swear our school sells fantastic, mouth watering toast and scrambled eggs.
2 pieces of toast

Like the bread has the right level of chewiness and "cookedness", and you can taste the fragrance of the egg without it tasting like underdone in your toast. And the auntie is always generous with the maple syrup, a must for all toast!

Granted, the large amount of oil and butter they use to cook the toast make it less than ideal for your health, but hey, moderation right? Eat it every now and then to remind yourself of the good, sweet things in a bitter bitter world, hehe xD

The scrambled eggs are just as fabulous.

I have tried over a year, but I can never reach the kind of buttery, creamy and almost silk like consistency of the scrambled eggs (a hot favourite of students), and the coarse black pepper really brings out the taste! :D

My teacher has spoken of how unhygienic this stall (Western food, actually the school canteen vendors in general) is, and how there are dead cockroaches in the sauce they drizzle on your chicken. But my point is, if you want to eat it, then close one eye and pretend you don't know and save the worry for later...when you fall sick xD

scrambled eggs and toast

That's all for today~~ Eat well and stay healthy!


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