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Om Nom #4

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Om Nom #4 is all about chocolates! Yum!
In case you are confused about the labelling, yesterday's #4 was changed to #3 after I realised that I made a mistake with the numbering, hence this is the official #4 post! Sorry for any confusion!

These Belgian chocolates were bought and given away last year, I got them at Watson during Christmas Season for just S$2:)
Watsons Belgian Chocolates Hearts
 What I liked more than the Belgium chocolates were these adorable chocolate spoons, also S$@ each! And you have a mix of both dark chocolate and milk chocolate spoons (3 each) in a pack selling only TWO DOLLARS. How awesome is that.

Watsons Chocolate spoons
 The spoons were actually quite large - sorry about the blurred photo, they were taken with iPhone 3 before my current better phone xD

 I am completely in love with these.

Truffles from either Paris or London, given by a friend.
Triple yum: cocoa powder, rich creamy chocolate, slight bitterness, all check!
The Back
The side

The front
 I was kinda too lazy to flip this one: Lindt milk chocolate with hazelnuts! <3
Short and brief post today, hope you liked it xD


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