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Om Noms #1

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Hey peeps,

As much as I swore to myself that I would update this blog at least thrice a week after exams, I realized that even post-exams I am much more busy than what I have imagined!

Hence, instead of posting really long or moderately long posts with me ranting and raving about things, I would do really short posts of food with brief commentary instead.

Part of this is because whenever I am stressed, I just love my food even more! :P

Here is this week's Om Noms!

1. Minced Meat Noodles from "Eat" at Clementi @$5.30
Minced Meat noodles
 I know what you guys are thinking, $5.30 for that amount of noodles is rather overpriced, and I totally agree with you: I mean, I can get TWO BOWLS of that in school for the same price! But we can't compare school and outside price, can we?

Oh yum!
Price aside, the taste is fantabulous (my portmanteau for fabulous and fantastic), it is like, having the just right kind of spiciness and tanginess, and the sauce is heavenly. Even for a person who generally dislikes all things fish like me, the fishball is really good and bouncy~~ boing!

 2. Pizza Puff from "Chill" in school, @$2.00

Pizza puff
 Not the most fantastic thing ever, I had so much higher expectations for it when that miserable little puff costs as much as a school based "Happy Meal" or Creamy Mushroom Spaghetti. I think the crust is too thick and dry, the fillings wayyyy too little and not sufficient to offset the relatively saw-dust like texture of the crust. Although it lives up to its name and smell quite like a pizza, I would rather eat a real pizza or a chicken potato puff at the same price.

3.  Teriyaki Chicken Don from Japanese stall in school canteen, @$2.50

Teriyaki Chicken don
I once tried this at the start of J1 life, and because it was so salty, I never ate again till this time.

I am pleasantly surprised that it is no longer salty, but has a relatively good taste balance. The sauce is in a good amount, though some part of the rice remain uncoated, I think it is rather good to not have too much sauce because usually sauce= salty.

For just $2.50, the amount of chicken they give is LARGEEEEE and I couldn't finish it at the same time with my rice: eventually there was just like around 4 slices of chicken left and I sat there nom-ing my way through them.

On the downside, I am very suspicious of the raw vegetables. Although I love having raw vegetables in my food, all the media reports on how hawkers tend not to wash their vegetables (or not washing them enough) before cutting them up for garnish/salad is very disturbing. I mean, a lot of people do get salmonella poisoning from unclean food after all.

Next time, no veggy (at least not outside) perhaps?


That's all for today! Adieu my loves!


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