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Work hard, even if you feel that you will screw up anyway

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I don't even know why I am wasting time during exam period to type this, but then I suddenly felt this rushing coming into me and I know that I really wanted to tell you guys this:

Even if you feel like you are going to fail or screw up real bad, don't give up (like I did before Biology test). I regret not working harder and going to watch television instead because I felt so doomed that I didn't want to face it anymore.

Just keep going, keep doing, don't think about how the outcomes will be, like "I am going to fail this." or "I should have started revision earlier, I am done for this time."

Yes, you should probably have started revision early to prevent this, but then you didn't, and you are done with those times that you cannot return to, so leave it behind and surge forward. Focus on now and only now.

If you think you are going to screw up, then try to minimize the extent that you are going to screw up. Like I think that I am going to fail my Literature this time because I didn't study more than 1 hour in total for it the entire June holidays, I am going to cram in at least another hour some time during tomorrow...despite every cell in me wanting to just ignore the presence of the subject.

For everyone who is taking economics tomorrow, best wishes and all the best, and if you want condensed economics notes, tell me and I will email you haha, I downloaded a copy from somewhere for my friend and have the soft copy ^_^


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