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Vivocity, Daiso, Food~~!

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I went Vivocity with Denyse and Clarissa to relax after Block Test 2!

We ate at the food court upstairs, and though my food looks really nice, it is honestly not that worth it. Why?


Over-priced Vivo food.

Like com'on. If I order like a bazillion meat or fish or something, then $7.70 is still a reasonable price. But hell no. I just got like sweet and sour pork (which tasted bloody disgusting, not even gonna mince words for it), toufu and Shitake mushrooms and it costed $7.70.


Anyway, the sweet and sour pork was lousy because it tasted like just fried mish-mash of really tough and stale pork bits, and I couldn't even chew through it properly without having things stuck within my teeth. Urgh!

Don't buy from that stall! Can't remember exact name, but it is called some "curry on rice" stall in chinese. The attendees there cheat money one lor.

The soup was like so-so.
 Daiso Snacks
 I know I know! People always say Daiso snacks are not worth it, and I agree! But the caramel corn snacks are fabulous and I can't get them cheaper anywhere else!

I actually ate one pack of the caramel corn on the way home, so I bought 3 initially, whilst I ate another same one yesterday....so woah $8 all gone on snacks.

Daiso Caramel Corn, almond and chocolate

I also bought a wallet at the IMM Daiso for myself yesterday! Okay, my mom bought it, same difference. Nice right? I love the transparent strip in the center!
Pink Daiso Carrier
Daiso case. Also available in hot pink and black.
And I got free Kotex Samples!!! 2 boxes somemore! (I asked the nice person on duty to give me haha xD)
Same carrier with stuff inside!

Free Kotex Samples
They were giving this out for free outside Scape. I was like, "I WANT I WANT!" Denyse and Clarissa were like, "Go ask for it."

Of course I did.

Kotex pads muahaha.
 Okay, I am kinda tired from all the typing...I will end off with some photos from IMM Daiso!

Shuttle to IMM! So cute!

daiso honey hand cream

Daiso pouches!

More daiso pouches

Daiso Pencil Cases

Daiso Candy!


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