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Desk Organization

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Not sure if you guys get jealous when you see super pretty desks or all-pastel desk things, but sometimes I do. Because my own table is really boring and practical with very little to no pretty things. 

Check out this cool video here
Today I am just going to share with you my post exam room tidying experience, and some of the tricks I use to make every thing tidy!

First we have my vanity table, which is cluttered with absolute junk, food etc.

Usually I use such a container like thing  so that I can throw in all my cosmetics and skincare product, giving it an appearance of neat.

Bingo, all crammed!
The white sash bag has all the cosmetics sample I accumulated over time.

Yup, I cleared the hairballs and stuff too:)

Then this is my table, it has been super messy since June holidays as I have no time to organize it at all.

The rag in the picture was used for cleaning btw.

Sugar Rusk Box
Sorry, the picture refuses to turn around again, aish. I have no idea why that keeps happening.

I reused a biscuit package container from Japan to store all the smaller things. In this way, you don't have to spend money buying more storage cases, and you get to recycle! The box is really

storing all the different things in 3 sections
Here is my small-sized drawer for notepads, cute stationery, and just all my stationery in general.
Sorry about the grainy photos, the drawer was in a corner where the lights were really dim.

I threw away all the coloured pencils, they were neon and nice, but I lost the sharpener and I didn't want to keep them in the drawer anymore.

More sticky notes, note pads, and some clips.

I keep lots and lots of refills for M&G pens, which can be bought from China at really cheap prices!

Crammed in all the different cosmetics stuff into a box for easy storage!

Some notepads that I have. The Schedule it ones are really bad, don't ever buy those. They can't even be torn out from the stack properly.

Stationary tray from Daiso, bought it when I was in Sec 3 or 4 I can't remember, for just 2 dollars! Really worth it, in a good condition till today!

I separated the letter trays into 2 and 1 before, but now I am putting them back together.

This one is a one shot glass that I used for my smaller sticky straps, stapler bullets and my pencil lead. :)

Cleared out and rearranged my letter trays! Tier one has all the work that I have to do, tier 2 is rough paper, tier 3 is notes paper, plain paper, foolscap and colored paper!

Rearranged my smaller shelf, with flash. Looks really neat eh? The large white stack are my IH notes from Sec4, and the stack on top is Economics and Times magazine!

Tidying clutters. :OOO

All done! I always end off by swiping my desk with hand sanitizer, I like to think that I am killing all the germs by doing so hehe xD
I am kinda like a germaphobe? But not a really loyal germaphobe either, heh.

I chose to use lifebuoy instead of dettol coz I like Dettol smell better, so I would rather waste Lifebuoy on my table :)

Is it neat? Whoots!

 Stationery tray! :)

My bookstand! :) Half are literature readings, half of them chemistry :)

Done! Letter tray all neat :) Homework due is on top!

My shelf! I rearranged more or less everything.

With my bed! Oh I cut the hat off the graduation bear, the hat was gathering dirt, and it was so annoying.

That's all for my room!
Hope it has inspired you guys to tidy up too! :D:D


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