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Ye Shi Ren Sheng 05/07/14 Recap + Updates

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Okay, I realized that a lot of you are trying to find out more about what happened in this tediously long, 940 hours (yes I actually googled that) drama called Ye Shi Ren Sheng 夜市人生 or Night Market Life.

To be perfectly honest, the recent couple of episodes that have been airing in Singapore has been quite anticlimax because:

  1. Zhou Xiu Xiu (and Xu Laifa) have been seen through for their evil conniving scheme of trying to cheat Chen Heqian of a branch of his hospital (which translates into cheating his money, eh?)
  2. I can't even think of another reason why. It is just rather drony now.
Anyways, an update to you guys who have been too busy or lazy to keep track of the episodes, here are what have transpired generally (although my knowledge may be fragmented because I don't watch the whole episodes unless I have nothing else to do).

Amy and her business partner, Shi Hao, have been cheating on Shi Hao's wife, Yu Hua (or Yue Hwa?), quite shamelessly, I might say. Because you would expect Amy, who was a victim of a third-party intrusion in her marriage life with Dafeng, would have the decency to not be an evil-beevil and do the same thing to other people right? But nope of course not, there is not such thing as "Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you" in this drama.

Okay, their cheating on Yu Hua is so unbearable to watch because Yu Hua is not only like extremely sweet to Amy (defending her against the horrible snob of Ding Peiqi), and also always trying to make Amy feel included by inviting her to dinners at home etc. But of course, she is also rather naive because there is one episode whereby she kept trying to make her husband (Shi Hao), praise the earrings she bought for Amy. Not smart.

In the episode that showed yesterday (5th of July), Amy was trying to ask Yu Hua to teach her how to cook dishes, so that she could cook for Shihao. I was like "wow" at that scene because can you imagine? It is like stab a knife into your back, and slowly carving your ribs out. Yeowch.

Anyway, I have never really liked Amy or pitied her even during her period of abuse under Dafeng.

Oh yeah, then we have tons of Ding Peiqi drama, whose character I feel like is an insanely annoying and horrendously stuck-up one. It is like, I couldn't even find something redeeming within her character. She is annoying, she is arrogant, she is rude, she has no respect for anyone and expects everyone to respect and curry favor to her, and as a supposed government figure within the drama, she has no qualms about resorting to dirty tricks and gangster methods of threat.

In all, she is truly a morally reprehensible character.

I was in full glee yesterday because she and Dafeng had this like big row, whereby she (like usual) was threatening Dafeng to go and socialize with the political figures with her or else she will stop supporting him etc.

Now, Dafeng who had been tolerating her overbearing ways all the way till now, and letting her insult and step over him and his mother for so long, finally decided that he had had enough and ignored her. Not that I feel any pity for Dafeng because he is such a cold-blooded, exceedingly pragmatic to the point of horrid person, I still liked watching Ding being taken down a peg or two.

So basically, Ding was throwing her weight around by repeatedly yelling and thretening Dafeng, and Dafeng sort of pointed out to her that she wasn't that influential a politician, because they lost some project to Youzhi despite pulling out all their underhanded tricks. (I say, "HA! In your face!")

So Ding was legitimately pissed of and accused Dafeng of being a cold-blooded animal who only abuse her for gains and never treated her right, despite her "sloughing her guts out" and antagonizing a lot of people for his sake. (To be fair, she never treated him right either.)

Now, the point here is that when Dafeng started pursuing Ding, we all know that he is doing it to further his business. Even Ding knows that, and she put on this snobbish air of "I-am-far-far-above-all-your-calculated-wooing" and acted all coy. Then whabaam! Suddenly she is all smitten by Dafeng and has abandoned all her principles (not that she has much in the first place) to "help" him.

Basically, their relationship is simple: two equally immoral, snobbish people who came into a rather transactional relationship, where one is seeking a semblance of love and the other just monetary gains. There you have it, their overwhelming love trade story.

Anyway, back to the point, Ding started insulting Dafeng's mother, Fang Qiaqia again (just because y'know, she is so gutsy) calling her someone who has been jailed before and she was an expired political figure...which were the exact thing I wanted to say to Fang's smirking face, so buuurn! I love how the evil people are fighting among themselves, because they have absolutely no respect for each other nor any sense of moral guidelines. Heh xD

So finally Dafeng is sick and tired of her attitude and flew to defend his mother, which made his mother extremely happy now that her evil-puppet son has returned to the puppeteer. Dafeng demanded her to stop insulting his mother and that he is not going anywhere with her.

Ding pointed her finger at him in this threatening and derogatory manner that if he doesn't go today, then they are OVER. I think she expects him to grovel at her feet again.

In response to that, Dafeng opened the door to show her out.
(Chorus of "Hallelujah!" from me)

After she leaves, Dafeng's mom worries that it is truly over for them, which means that they can no longer exploit her status etc, and Dafeng seemed pretty nonchalant. I am guessing that he is either aware that Ding is sort of in love with him, or that he has reached his limit of tolerance.

Then we are shown the pub, where Ding is drinking heavily and in this fuming rage. She hissed at this man who tried to hit on her, and took to the dance floor to show us her sexiness....which was a debatable trait in her because her dance was not sexy. It was like this rather forced shimmy of the body, jerking her hips left to right and waving her arms around. I can understand the show is trying to tell us that she is supposed to be a good and sexy dancer, but she looks like an angry dancer.

While she dances, she replays in her head all the insults that Fang has flung at her and fumed some more. Heh xD

Okay, I am gonna end this post here~ I am not sure if a lot of you are interested to find out more, so I don't really want to blog a hideously long post where no one reads haha.

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  1. Haha this is so late, but what happens to Ruyi in the end? Is everyone happy? I'm sloughing through around 1000 episodes right now and my brain is exploding.


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