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National Day Rally

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On Sunday night, I thought I deserve a good break after the long hard week so I sat down after dinner to watch the super duper long winded Taiwan Drama (Ye Shi Ren Sheng).

The good thing about long dramas is that you can watch one month later and very little changes have happened so you can always catch up with the plot. Another good thing is that you don't have to find new shows to watch.

I turned on the TV, switched the channel to Channel 8 and waited in anticipation.

 There was no long-winded Taiwan Drama. Instead, National Day Rally was showing. So I switched to Channel U.

Still National Day Rally.

I turned to Channel 5.

More National Day Rally.

I hastily tried the Kids' Channel, Okto, and even Suria, the Malay Channel.

Oh God. Why?

At the end of a long hard week, when I most needed some fun and laughter and silly adults confessing to each other about their noble love, all I get is some really serious National Day Rally.

I am not saying that I hate National Day Rally. In fact, I sat down, despite my depression, and watched the National Day Rally for half an hour. But you have to imagine the disappointment of a sixteen year old wanting to watch something like Gags, Just for Laughs and finding a historical documentary instead.

I melted into a puddle of depression and trickled my way back into my room.

When I turned on the TV at 8pm, it was still....



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