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The Lack of Posts shall be justified

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...by the pressing need to study for my coming end-of-youth examinations. If I don't study, I might fail, and then I will get all morbid and I will blame this blog and then I will kill this blog.
I am pretty sure for the rare few who actually reads this blog, you guys will be sad to see it go when I become a knife-wielding zombie, so pardon me for posting less this month.

And the next.

And the month after.

All the way till 17th of October or somewhere around there. I must study. I cannot slack. Otherwise I will break my promise to God. I will feel bad if that happens.

So I promise myself I will only blog once or twice a week yeah? Or maybe a picture a day? :)

So in the mean time, don't hate me for not blogging and see you all then!


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