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How Facebook Chat Relationships Usually Progresses + others

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yeah, every single chat relationship ends like that.

You know what?

Every Facebook chat relationship ends like that. Longest one is 2 years and stopped talking totally. Like we never knew each other. Shortest can just be a matter of few months or weeks even.

Do I care?

At first I did. I am like, hey why did that person just stopped talking to me? Was it something that I said? What did I do to offend the fellow? Or is it my personality?

Then I realized, come and go, come and go, that is just part of life.  Not just here but everywhere else, everything else. Relationships. Money. Love. Things you possess.

It was not my fault. Nor anyone's.

We simply lost interest in each other, each conversation starts with a "hey! :)" and ends with an awkward "haha I see" or "lol" or something of equal lameness.

Then you just stop talking. The person does not initiate a convo, neither do you. Or maybe you did and you are ignored. If I am ignored even once, I will most definitely never ever try and start a convo with that person again, even if I need his help.


I have too much pride.

I remember talking to this person for almost 2 years on Facebook/MSN. It was always him who initiated all the conversations, most of the time, at least. I remember myself feeling annoyed at times and simply ignored the person. I even went as far as appearing offline on MSN to avoid chat. But that person always talked.

Not only that, he did a lot of work for me.

One day I realized we just stopped talking. It wasn't like slowly, slowly, less and less. It was just like a water tap that stopped streaming in midflow. There was no more chats popping up, no more blinging of the MSN chat.

It just ended.

At first I was a little, just that little disturbed. Selfish as I was, I am used to having the world revolving around myself. I refused to initiate chat of any kind.

Several weeks later, we talked.
He initiated it.
Then it stopped.
I initiated once to ask something.

We haven't talked since.

And the subject of us not talking to each other actually has not crossed my mind till today, and I didn't talk about this because I remember this. I noticed someone else stopped talking.

Some ends are comfortable. Some are jagged. Some are unnoticeable. 
I simply don't recall.

Sorry that this is not funny. Too bad. I ran out of humor. Will be purchasing one gallon of humor tomorrow, and hopefully the taste of humor is still there, undisturbed by the bitterness and the tangy flavor of displeasure.


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