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Singapore's Birthday~!

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Happy 47th Birthday Singapore! :D

Okay, the colours are a bit lame, but forgive me for being so lame since Singapore is having her Birthday tomorrow and we all love Singapore no?

Yes the weather is terribly hot, yes we are so tiny, and yes we may not have enough water one day, but hey! That does not make our country any less perfect, no? :D:D 


I wonder why we have National Day songs instead of just Singing:

Happy Birthday Singapore~!
Happy Birthday Singapore~!
Happeeeeee Birrrrrrrrrrthday Singaporeeeeeeeooeee~~!
Happeeeeeeeee^^^ Birthdaaaaeeeeeeee Singaporeeeeee~~~!
YAY!!!! :D

That is like so much cuter right?

Anyway, enough of my random highing. Must be the headache medicine that I took today. They are making me all weird and cranky and I no longer know what is 1 + 1, I mean isn't 1 + 1= 11? No one agrees with me. :( Maybe they are too dumb, haaaa~!

There is something wrong with blogger and I cannot type the post properly, so maybe I will blog tomorrow or something.

Also, I am not going to blog as often now because I am quite busy and also because my head hurts very often so I don't feel like staring at the com screen for too long. But that is no excuse for you guys not to read my blog! Must read and visit everyday, read my archives again and again and then love me a lot, okay! 

Haha that's all for today then.


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