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The Rambutan, The Armadilo and Xiao Qiang

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The Ultimate Depiction
One fine day, Kira was really really very very bored. 
So she decided to give her science teachers some fantastic names based on their own names. No offence to the science teachers, rest assured that I love you all a lot! <3 <3
She decided that Mr Physics would be an Armadillo because the names sounded a bit alike.

And Mr Chemistry would be an adorable Rambutan. :D Old school jokes, old school jokes.

He-who-must-not-be-named would then be well, see for yourself.
AHA! I am very very satisfied with my own artistic abilities indeed! Those pictures are such fantastic pieces of art! :D

I shall tell you guys a scary story involving Mr Roach.
It happened during Lab Lesson.

For that particular Lab Lesson, Chinnie and I forgot to bring our practical worksheets to school, and we decided that we weren't going to draw the Kranky Kiwi because we had to draw it again later, and that would mean that we had to do twice the work.

Being the Super Sexy Slackers that we are, we decided to whip out Chinnie's iPad and watch some videos that I wanted to watch instead. I have to tell you guys that Chinnie, my lab buddy, is a very very accommodating person, so I always get to choose the videos that I want to watch when we are using her iPad.

I decided that some good scare is really necessary to give us all an adrenaline rush. So I youtubed for scary videos.

When we were enjoying the sensation of having our skin crawling like worms and our hairs standing up ramrod straight, Mr Roach stealthily crept up on us. When he reached our table, he stopped next to the very unfortunate me and gave us a withering glare.

He had his arms folded across his chest and waves of hostility rolled off him in GIGANTIC waves that will make tsunamis proud.

He glared.

I peeked at him from the corner of my eyes.

Uh oh. He looks like he wanted to shove the scalpel down my throat. I gulped in fright and shuddered a little. Chinnie kept her eyes determinedly on the iPad, even though we had blanked the screen long time ago, Chinnie stared at the iPad like it was playing the best Korean Drama of the Year.

"Uh, we didn't bring our practicals." I attempted a what I felt was a really sweet smile.

It apparently wasn't sweet enough to sooth Mr Roach's grumpy mood.

"Still, you shouldn't be wasting your time here. Go do the practical. Write it somewhere. Do something." Mr Roach raved.

Apparently, watching videos on iPad was not in his list of doing something.

"Uh okie okie." I stuttered, taken aback by his thunder-like face. I briefly wondered if someone popped a cockroach into his breakfast cereal that morning.

Mr Roach gave me another killer glare, and shuffled off reluctantly.

Me and Chinnie exchanged this look and shrugged. We decided to mashed up the kiwi just for fun anyway. So we sliced up the Kranky Kiwi, and made Kiwi Pulpy Juice out of the hollering Kiwi.

Poor Kiwi fruit. :'(

Then we decided that being the Dumb Daredevils we were, we were still going to watch the videos anyway. Afterall, you only slack once. And that is none other than Boring Biology.

So we watched the Top Ten Horror Movies.

And Mr Roach decided to check on the poor us again. And imagine his white hot fury when he saw our eyes glued to non other than the iPad.

This time, I was trembling like a leaf that was going to fall off the tree in autumn and I die die refused to look up at Medusa. I trained my eyes on the blank piece of paper in front of myself determinedly, feeling my cheeks burning with shame? under his laser like glare.

Chinnie was the brave one who looked up and gave him a sheepish grin.

Mr Roached continued frying me and Chinnie with his laser like glare for another 3 whole minutes. He just stood there, arms crossed, and glared so hard that I felt a hold burning into the back of my head.


To be glared at by Mr Glaring Roach is even scarier than the top ten horror movies. Well done, Mr Roach, you have made it to the top of the horrors. :'(

Mr Armadillo
I came to realize that Mr Armadillo does not really pay attention at times. Remember that Wennie and myself missed out Physics Olympiad? Mr Armadillo wanted a MC/ parent letter for our inattendance. So we each got one for him.

Apparently, Wennie had her piano exam on that day, and she couldn't come to school. She passed this very formal looking letter to Dillo, and before she could say anything, Dillo asked,

"Are you feeling better?"
I nearly howled with laughter.

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Can you find someone more adorable or hilarious than Dillo? You can't right? The look of confusion and amusement on Wennie's face was so damn priceless. It was like:

God, you had no idea.

I was pressing my lips so hard trying to suppress my gurgle of hysterical laughter that my lips became even thinner that they already are. Damn.

Finally it was expressed to Dillo that no, Wennie was not sick, she had this piano exam. Dillo chuckled to himself and smiled a really very rare Dillo-Smile.

Which made my passing of my parent letter much easier. He just popped my letter into his pocket without even looking at it. Ahhhhh~~~ The joy of having very generous male teachers!!

Now, do allow me to digress a little. I am going to tell you all some ground-shattering discovery I have made from my own LIVING experiences.

Ahem ahem.

Male teachers are always less fussy than female teachers.
Why? What do you mean why? They are less fussy means that they are less fussy lar. Meaning that they don't niao about the clouds and the butterflies and everything that female teachers PROBABLY would like to niao about.

Now, my current school's female teachers are WAYYY nicer than primary school female teachers. Don't ask me why, it is just like that, set in the stone. And you are right, that is my own opinion. Too bad if you don't agree.

NY female teachers are MOSTLY very very sweet and gentle and really really caring, like they smile so gently that my heart just melt into a puddle of butter (yay for the rhyme!) while Nanhua female teachers, okay okay, just the few who taught me, are like really scary, fierce and also very picky. :'(

Like I used to have this form teacher that was female and she loves "picking bones in eggs" aka nit-picking and GOOD LORD I CANNOT STAND NIT-PICKY PEOPLE!!!! I think she really hates me a lot and a lot, as much as you guys love me anyway.

Sometimes in class, SO MANY people talk, and I am always the one who got called for talking and then kanna scolded. At first I felt ashamed. But then like a much abused piece of skin, callous would form and it will come to the point where I felt nothing, nothing at all when I am scolded. Many people had told me that she was pretty biased. I felt so too. So since then, her scoldings etc etc never ever bothered me again.

I remembered myself becoming very very sly.

At first when I was scolded for very childish things like not paying attention in class etc etc, or maybe for so called "bullying" people, I would be so upset and I would cry my hearts out. Sometimes when I feel like I am misunderstood I would try to clarify and etc etc, explain yadda yadda, but I realized that these just don't work, SOMETIMES.

Sometimes I think all people want to hear is an apology, sincere or not. Sometimes I think they don't even want to know what really happened, whether it was your fault or not, or you talked that one sentence in class because you really had to clarify something with your classmate like "what did the teacher say about this graph?". They don't care. Sometimes I have this feeling that they are abusing their authority but there's nothing I can do anyway.

So what we can always do, is to give them what they want. They want an apology? I apologized. Told them that I was in the wrong, I was sincerely sorry, I am repenting and I won't do it again.

Bah the whole incident afterwards, if you feel that you have done nothing wrong.

Am I being hypocritical? I don't think so. I just did not want to waste time arguing with someone who had her mind so set on the fact that you are wrong despite not knowing the whole situation anyway.

I hate it when people just jump into conclusions without knowing the whole event, and then criticize me for something they think that I am wrong in.
I hate it when others refuse to listen to my explanation despite me trying to hard to explain with my precious saliva on what on earth is going on.
I hate it when I am misjudged and looked upon with a different eye.

Okay, I shall go no further than this. Otherwise this post is gonna be super duper kick ass long and I can say byebye to all my homework.

Back to Dillo, I think he is a really nice and fantastic teacher, even though sometimes lessons are really boring and I go into my default position, that is snoozing on my left arm, Dillo is quite a hardworking and good teacher. He teaches with passion, puts his best foot forward and tried his best to make everyone understand.

Not to mention the priceless dao-face that he has all the time. It is pretty comical somtimes, I am sorry to say.

No worries Dillo, 409 hearts you! :D

End of post because my arm hurts. :(


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