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The Great Cleaning and Spooky Matters

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 I tidied up my desk after a hundred million years! Look at how clean (it has been diligently wiped by yours truly) it is! So proud of myself!

Jumpy and I were bored in school, so we decided to cash in all our pink stuff for a photo shoot.
Guess which pink stuff belong to me? And I know that is a purple pen! :OOOO
Hint hint: I have more pink stuff than Jumpy!
Wedding ring from Nehceh. but then we have divorced. no no it is not because of the LA project, but she cheated on me with another classmate!!
How did I find out that she cheated on me! Coz I was telling Nehceh how pretty the ring was during PE and she either really forgot that she gave me one, or she act blur in front of her mistress! It went like that:

Me: Nehceh! Love the ring you gave me for my b-dae! So pretty!
Nehceh: (huhed very loudly) What? What ring?
Third-party: HUH! (equally loudly) Nehceh! WHAT YOU GIVE HER RING!!! What is this?

And you know what Nehceh did? She went over to console her distraught mistress and left me, aka her dear wife by herself, all confused and disoriented! Got such husband one orh! I then don't want such smelly husbands who go and comfort the smelly mistresses instead of wife.

Tadaaa! Multiple shots of my lovely ring which cannot even fit my pinkie finger my toe hairs.

Now digressing a little, I have to tell you this interesting snippet of a show that I watched because my dad was watching. The part I watched had this cough cough (erm you know what, that thing that roams around during the seventh month, aka now, therefore I refuse to type out the thing's name, lest its gonna get attracted to my blog).

Anyway, this part I watched had this female cough-cough which went to this broadcasting station to recount her story of how she died and became a cough-cough. Apparently, her husband cheated on her multiple times, and this one time she got so angry when she came back from Macau and found out that her husband is having sex with this woman in THEIR master bed room that she went and had a cat-fight with the woman, on the spot. So they pushed and pulled each other, trying to grab each other's oily hair and clawed each other's heavily powdered faces, and well she was having the upper hand till her husband grabbed her and shoved her aside coz this mistress took this broken shard of glass and attempted to jab her with it.

Till now I cannot decided whether the husband shoved her aside to protect her or he was trying to help the mistress, but that one shove was really fatal.

See, they were actually having all this hooha on the second floor, and when he shoved her, she tumbled back and out of the room and hit herself against the bannister and FLIP over the bannister, ROLLED down 2 flights of stairs AND FELL through a window. LIKE seriously went flying out of the window.

Does that remind you of Twilight's Bella who is supposed to have fallen down 2 flights of stairs and out of a window? :D

Anyway, she was holding onto this umbrella (closed one) when she went flying out of the window to her untimely death, and her soul sort of transferred over to the umbrella. Ummos...

And she reocunted the story and well, the husband is remorseful but the mistress who now lives with him is freaked. I say, good riddance, you should be!

Now I have to digress again and tell you (AGAIN) how much I CANNOT STAND HOMEWRECKERS

AKA SLUTS/WHORES (whatever, I think I heard people calling them these before)
AKA 小三/狐狸精/奸女人

I absolutely cannot stand all these people, who are essentially one and the same. I think no matter how much you so called love this person, you should never ever ever intrude on his family, especially if he has children, because the children loves their papa! Why would any heartless people take the father away from the children?

And I shall not be boring by re-blogging all my arguments. If you are interested, please go dig up my archives and read it. I remember myself dedicating half a post or so to these people.

And the husband is definitely not faultless if he 'succumbs" to the temptation. Most likely is a "ni qing wo yuan" situation (meaning everyone is a willing party) and the husband is just as blearrrgh as the home-wrecker which is perhaps a bit more blearrrrrgh (see the extra "r" in this blearrrrrgh? That stands for ROTTEN!)

Haiyah whatever. Why would I waste my breath (or finger power in this case) on people who do not deserve my breath/finger power?

Moving on, I read this post on Facebook which is darn creepy~~~

OKAY I AM SUPER FREAKED EVEN THOUGH I HAVE NOT TOLD YOU ALL ANYTHING!!!! But I shall tell you all some of the no-nos during the seventh month (aka that cough-cough festival) yeah?

Let's begin!
  1. Don't hang wind-chimes near your bed frame; these will attract cough-coughs.
  2. Don't go out at night. (Kira's advice: don't go out after 6.30pm)
  3. Don't leave your main door open lest it invites unwanted guests. =shudders=
  4. Don't point your slippers (bedroom slippers) towards your bed. Apparently, cough-coughs can locate you by that.
  5. Don't pat other people's shoulders/head nor let anyone pat yours. This may extinguish "the flames" on you that keep you safe.
  6. NEVER GO SWIMMING!!! Okay, don't swim alone and don't swim after dark if you die die want to swim (for what reasons I cannot fathom). 
  7. Don't whistle at night (out of your house). It might attract unwanted "guests".
  8. Apparently one is not supposed to stay up late, but THEN I HAVE MY FREAKING EXAMS!!! How to not stay up? They say like the human's "qi" is the weakest at night while the cough-cough's is the strongest at night, so yeah? Try to sleep before 11.30pm is my advice. Then wake up at 5am? (like after the witching hour which is 1am to 5am I think?)
  9. Don't step on random things! Esp those burnt paper etc etc!
  10. Don't call our your name or people's name lest these cough cough remembers your name!

Do not call a cough-cough by its real (scientific) name yeah? They may come to you wtsss.

Okay yeah? Remember these tips and erm oh oh one more thing! At night if you are going home alone or something, and if you hear someone calling your name, DO NOT turn back. NEVER EVER EVER turn around. It will extinguish the flames on your shoulders and head and leave you with no protection!

If you are interested, you can visit the link I have placed up there to read up on what not to do during the seventh month yeah? It is in Chinese so sorry to my non-chinese readers! :D

Keep safe people, and let's shudder our way through this month! :O:OOOO


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