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Everything in one BIG LUMP

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I am too lazy to separate each event into 1 post, so all the tiny little things are all going into one single post.

1. Don't argue with frogs in the wells
Not worth it, trust me.

I was walking home from school the other day when I ran into this aunty who was my primary 2 classmate's mother. I greeted her politely and she started this little conversation with me:

Aunty: What school are you in arh?

Despite me wearing my uniform, I kindly forgive those who are too lazy to see for themselves.

Me: Um, Blahblahblah Academy.

Aunty: Arhhh....five year or four year?

Me: HUH?? (wonders to myself if she even knows what I am talking about)

Aunty: Meaning, are you going JC after this?

Me: Yeah yeah of course I am!

Aunty: You taking O-levels this year?

=frog in well suspicion confirmed=

Me: Nope. My Academy is IP school, I will go coughcoughcough JC after that.

Aunty: I see I see. (I am sure you do)

=after 2 minutes of awkward silence=

Aunty: Blahblahblah good school or not arh?

=I almost fainted. Definitely a frog in the well. Maybe not even frog in underground tunnel.=

Me: Yeah not bad lar.

Aunty: You know ahemahemahem is the top school in Singapore? Very good school! Lalala got into that school!

=I gaped at her for a while. I know ahemahem is a very very good school, but I always thought that Raffles and blahblahblah are that little better=

Me: =decided not to argue= Oh, like that arh, I see I see.

Aunty looks very pleased with herself for letting me know something that I did not know.
Lord save me from frog in the wells.

2. Don't argue with "dumb" people either
I am going to be accused of elitism, but before you do that, you should at least know what I am talking about.

By dumb I don't mean people with low IQ or born mentally handicapped. I mean people who don't read the news, don't learn new things OR old things, YET insist that they are right all the time and refuse to admit that whatever they have just said is wrong.

This student of my mother's walked into my room very brazenly to talk to me, and fyi, I hate people coming into my room when I am busy doing my work or when I am busy blogging and start yabbering all sorts of nonsense about the sky and the clouds and your pencil case is so nice can I please take a look at it. Bahh!  All these people is jiat bao bo taichi one lars.

Presently this kid came in, and told me that Justin Bieber deserved a GRAMMY AWARD.

You fainted? Don't worry, me too.
Not only did I faint, I threw a fit that lasted for half an hour.

I proceeded to roll around my floor, in what we call a convulsion, and started foaming at my mouth too. The kid looked very worried indeed.

Finally I stopped shuddering and wiped my mouth of the foamy stuff, and dug my ears clean and asked her to repeat herself.

"Justin Bieber deserves a Grammy Award! He is better than Adele!" she squeals.

That sounds ridiculously like TY, my CCA mate who said the exact same thing to me and Dol the other day.

I repeated my fit.
The kid looked on impassively.

"Why would he ever deserve such an award?" I asked in horror.
"He is so cute! And he sings well! Adele is not that good! She is so fat and she sounds like a guy!" she rants.

Adele sounds like a guy?
Whatever happened to Justin sounding like a girl?

I decided to inject an inkling of sense into her thick skull.
"Adele is good because her songs have a lot of meaning and poetic quality too. Besides she has a powerful voice and she expresses her song well. What sense does "Baby" make?" I asked.

The kid pouts and rolled her eyes retardedly, giving me the whatever look like I am the dumb one for not agreeing that Justin should get a Grammy Award.

"Whatever, you have no taste in music." she said and flounced out of my room.

Yeah right, I have no taste. You and your taste in music tells me that your enjoy having your ears raped. :O:O:O

I stopped arguing with these type of people long ago. You know what Facebook says?

Don't argue with retards. They will just pull you down to their level and beat you with their experience.
True that.

I am overwhelmed by a wave of intense feeling....called laziness. Therefore I refuse to type further because my fingers are moving at the speed of half a letter per minute.

And what do you mean I can't type half a letter per minute!

I half press the key for a minute, then full press it very very slowly for the next minute.
There you go. Half a letter per minute.


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