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Fat Shedding


I am tired of people telling me that I am NOT fat even though I am so fat that I look like a polar bear. Quit lying to me to comfort me people, I bet you all will be secretly pleased when I resemble a grizzly huh??


I must must try to shed all my disgusting flabs, especially those on my legs, using the method taught in the video above. Sounds like a really trusty and good video and I shall have to stick to half an hour of these muscle-building, leg-fat-burning, kira-killing, super-sweating exercises daily. Oh dearie me. My fats tremble in utter horror at the thought of that.

Apart from that, I shall consume less oily and sweet food, no? In fact I will eat much less, shouldn't I? But the point is that my life's pleasure is all in eating (and sleeping, which make the most fat-pleasing combination), I guess forgoing my food is going to be really hard.

I know I should exercise everyday and run and yadda yadda. But all you exercise freaks buay sian one meh? Like run everyday also very sian and tiring right? Muscles tired, hair sweaty and smelly, and clothes all soaked....not to mention that my thigh skin will itch when I run. Aishhhhh....

But if I don't run, how am I ever going to shed all my disgusting lipids and get a much coveted good figure huh? You tell me lar. My legs are fat like elephant's already lehs! :(((((

Okay I must resolve to shed all my fats! Must lose 1kg each week! All the way till I lose enough to look good.

Yeah yeah all the haters are going "she is so shallow!" and "beauty is not important, character is more important".

Who says that you cannot be good looking (have a good figure at least) AND have a good character huh? What is with such a warped argument with a even more warped logic? Tell you what, such lame stuff is used to comfort people who are fat and have no will to lose it.

Now I urge all of you who think that you can still lose some pounds, whether it is for health reasons or for beauty reasons to join me in weight lose!

Remember this: there is no ugly woman, but there is lazy woman.

Fight fats today! :D


  1. I think that it doesn't matter if you're fat or skinny in the eyes of the people around you, but it matters how you feel about yourself. I also have a few extra pounds and everyone says "wow, you look great, so much better than before"(before being 2 years ago, before the 2nd pregnancy. I think I'm awful, I cant stand myself and since I'm still breastfeeding there's not too much I can do about it for now.My point is if you think you're fat do something about it!:) good luck and keep us posted in case I need some motivation too, which I'll probably need soon :)

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement! Yeah I am going to work hard to shed that extra weight because there is this social stigma about fatter people, not to mention my slipping self-confidence! All the best to you too and best wishes for you and your family! :)

  2. I forgot what that exercise was called, cuts belly fat and trains cardio as well. It's like a star jump then a push up, you know?
    Well, I lifted weights for about a week and cut my waistline by about 2cm, came as a surprise to me.
    However, everything shrunk as well, though not proportionately. But I guarantee I lost about a kilo that week. Maybe you should give weight lifting a try.
    Not too heavy, not too light.
    Good luck.

    1. Woah! Wow I never knew that lifting weights can help to reduce waist line! I am going to try it too! :D Oh and I saw that star jump and push up thing! I think it is called a burpee (cute name huh?). It looks very very tiring -cowers-. :)

  3. Losing weight is all about calorie intake, I think you have to eat less or equal to 2600 calories a day. I lost some weight by walking more instead of driving and I would of lost more if it wass't for chocolate!!


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