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To all the silly taggers

Hey you silly taggers,

Yes you. You who leave rude messages and trying to behave like little saints in life telling me what not to do and what not to do, telling me not to "bitch about people" here.
  1. I am not bitching. I am expressing my opinions on my blog. 
  2. I refrained from using 90% of vulgarities. It is not that I don't know, you know? I just don't see the point.
  3. Now, before you come and throw in some sarcastic comments on my blog, why don't you go buy yourself half a pound of guts and courage and use your real name instead of a dumbass imitation like "kirakira"? 
  4. In fact, I was recounting the incident from my point of view. Too bad if you don't like it.
  5. "For nehceh to see"? Yes, she can see it. Maybe we should even clarify things with each other. Instead of keeping everything swell up in your tummy, let it out. If Nehceh thinks that I falsely accuse her, she can come to me, no? Communicate, we can do that.
  6. This is like my online diary, of course I write whatever I want on it. If you don't like it, find it boring, yadda yadda yadda, then go away and start your own blog! Simple as that! Stop coming back every few days and try to be some moralistic nuisance telling others the dos and don'ts of life.
  7. Get a life, haters. Get out of your lifeless hating.
Well that's all.

All comments in the tagboard that irritates me shall be deleted without hesitation. I can't even be bothered to start a tagboard fight with you. For a person with such high intelligence like me, I should be debating about whether Obama should continue his reign as the President instead. -kidding-

Now you want attention? You got it, haters. I have dedicated a post to you. Each time you feel like posting an irritating comment, come and read this. And quit wasting your time. 


  1. Yes, I agree. You haters should really start to look at yourselves in your damned mirror (if you have one) and ask, Why do I hate? Well if you don't have a mirror to reflect upon, then it's really too bad, yeah?
    You argue: This is a free country. There is freedom of speech, especially on the internet! I can bitch anyone I want!
    I argue: Yes. This IS a free country. Additionally, everyone in this country is given equal rights. No one here is given any more rights than any one else. So as much as you are given the freedom to say and state anything you want, so does Kira. So instead of hating, GEDDOUT.
    You then argue: I did not say that she must refrain from posting about us! I'm just stating my stand, defending my rights!
    I argue: Well, yes, you did not say that, but as I said before, this is a free country. And she has done all of you "victims" a favour by making up some nicknames to brand you so that your real identity isn't revealed. Now let me ask you, haters, what proof do you have that she is specifically talking about you?
    None, I suppose. Although it is so blatant and obvious, there is no concrete evidence.
    So before you unfounded-ly accuse anyone for bitching about others, do note that you have no evidence on your side to claim that.
    Peace out.
    Yours Truly.

    1. Haha thanks! Finally someone who sees sense! :D


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