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Internet and Blogger's Block

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Cute or not?
I finally learnt about the importance of internet after having no net connection for two days. However, it didn't affect me so much yet because I was sleeping the whole of yesterday after feeling unwell at school, and only this morning when I had to rush out the work I missed out did I find the inconvenience.

Anyway, I have been feeling quite bothered and irritated, and to be honest, sad lately. But I have no idea why I am feeling sad.

That's me.
Anyway, so I read a Hyperbole and A Half, and the author wrote this post about her "Adventures in Depression" which I thought describe part of what I felt. I love the way the author writes her post and some of my posts may be under her influence (like this one).
And that's Allie or Ms Brosh.
Needless to say, her drawings are so much cuter and more adorable and OF COURSE better than mine in all sense. I am not even trying to compete with her- in fact, I venerate her humor, her art and her writing style. Reading it so much in the past few days has somehow influence my writing too.

Allie, I have to tell you that I love you, your humor, your drawings and your blog so so much. -shy-

Moving on, I have had a Blogger's Block for quite a few days. Nothing came to mind when I sat down, nothing inspired me at all. I just spent my time reading AHAAH (eh he cute acronym for A Hyperbole and A Half, huh?) and Xiaxue's blog alternatively, suffering from spasms of headache and nauseousness in between.

On Friday I took leave from school during break and I went home.

I slept almost all day.

When I woke up, I was uninspired and like

"Oh God, why?"

I was having a blogger's block.

But thankfully that was cured about half an hour ago.

Another thing that has been disturbing me is my declining page views. Now, I do know that a lot of bloggers will be telling you, "You should just blog good content and have the passion, don't care about the page views."

I beg to differ.

While page views should not be a blogger's topmost priority, it should be ON the list of top priorities. Why? Pageviews reflects how well your contents are reaching the audience. It is a type of affirmation that hey, you blog good content, you are either humorous, interesting or informational, and therefore people are reading you.

Reading you?

Reading your blog, I mean, sorry about that.

So yes, I do value all my page views and a soaring page view does make me rejoice while a dipping one may make me feel sad, I have to admit. When I get pageviews and comments, I feel like my blog is being appreciated, and it is sort of a reassurance to my blogging skills, I guess?

For bloggers who insist on "passionate blogging with no care to page views", I think majority are either lying, acting noble or blog lousy content and are hence finding some excuses for it.

To that I shall say

Bahhhh. That was what I learnt from Xiaxue. But better with a real sheep.
Oh wells. That shall conclude my post. And I shall now go blog about something else.

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  1. Thanks so much for welcoming me. I just started following you. Yes, I know about the loss of internet. Earlier this year, we had a power outage for about a week, and it was horrible! I have to admit I don't get blogger's block much any more, but I fully understand.

    Be sure to check out my blog too:


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