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No post for all of you today.

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This is meant to be pretty self-contradictory, but hell, who cares?

I posting to tell you that I don't plan to write a decent post today. Why? I am uninspired. I have nothing to talk about. I have nothing to complain about even, apart from the irritating old lady who sat next to me in 174 yesterday and decided to stink up the whole bus or just my whole nostrils by rubbing on medicinal oils. I freaking hate inconsiderate people like that. I HATE THE SMELL of that disgusting oil. Smells freaking gross. UGH.

Well, that is already something I am complaining about.

I am also tired of seeing so many irritating posts on Facebook that always go like:

Yeah. Like this and share. HA!
It goes in all types of formats:

Like and share for cute puppy! =rolls eyes so hard that no more pupil can be seen=

Sure. I ignored this ten times. I am sure my lovely grandma died 10 times by now.
Wah I freaking hate these type of "ignore if you what blah blah blah blah to happen to you" posts. People who write this are really ding dong qiang in their minds. Boliao jiat sai people, everyday eat full full nothing to do, open "Windows Paint" and add a few lines to a random photo and go seek attentions. Freaking irritating. You know what? I am not scared of you so called "Ignore if you want ur grandmother to die".

Guess what? My grandmother won't die! She is living well and healthy and I screw you and your nonsense. Freaking irritating. And always go viral on my homepage just because THAT many RETARDS bother to share. Why don't you stop sharing and using that freaking time to go see your grandmother, and give her a massage instead?


As though by sharing this, you become a filial little grandchild who is oh-so-worried about grammy coz if I dun share this, she may die!


Like real she will. So stop sharing this type of useless, irritating shit on Facebook.

Keep liking and starvation will stop by itself.
Guess what? It won't! So yeah, stop sharing this kind of useless stuff, and if you are that concerned, sell your computer and your Macbook and your i-whatever and rush down to wherever you want to give the kids whom you are so concerned about some food, yeah?

Or simply keep quiet and donate like my classmates do yeah?

"What about you Kira! You are behaving like a saint blogging about this!"

Yeah, like hell I am. Who is the one who thinks that she or he is a saint by simply sharing or liking a dumb picture posted by some attention seeking group? When are people going to wake up and realise that all these pictures are of no help?

So how am I helping by blogging?
I am not. I never did say that I am blogging to help kill your grandmother.

Anyway that point is irrelvent. I am not saying that YOU ARE NOT HELPING and I AM HELPING therefore these pictures are stupid. I am saying that all these pictures do nothing but people keep liking and sharing them so happily AS THOUGH they are something is very irritating and ridiculous.

End of story.


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