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Rant: People who try hard to be weird

Some people are weird by nature, some people try really hard to be weird. And it is all because how weirdness seems to have this, cough, weird associations with talent, people who tries hard to look talented tries to be weird in order to look talented.

In the past it was like....
Now it is like...

One might as well be praising them for their new hair cut or new clothes.

In the past, weird people were sectioned out and shunned. No one like weirdos. But thanks to Einstein and a bunch of other talented-weirdos, everyone is striving to be weird today in order to hint at some sort of hidden talent.

I know a lot of people who try hard to be weird.

reading weird stuff
 And I would be like....

Then another person would be like...
Thermo-knives! Castration! Cat placenta! Up-quark!
 And me does not care, at all.

In my opinion, they are all just trying hard to be really weird. Who would be that interested in cat placenta or chicken placenta? Unless you are planning to sell it for money like they do with sheep's placentas.

People enjoy being weird because they enjoy the weird looks that are cast in their directions. They think that those are looks of admiration.

Such a misconception really stems from people trying to be polite and tactful in their speech.

Which makes the people trying hard to be weird even weirder to earn even more praises.

Not everyone is like that, I know, but some are. And I know a lot of people who are awfully weird just for the sake of being weird so that they can look talented.

And me? I shall just once again....

And let the weird people thrive. I will simply ignore them. :D

Which brings me to the shocking realization that I am sort of weird too.


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