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Mourning for the Departure of my beloved, silky, smooth, fantastic-smelling, Rapunzel-length hair :(

I have gotten myself a hair cut today, after leaving out my hair for almost half a year.

 I have no idea why I am blonde, so let's change that.

It was like freaking long, super heavy and super hot, and I debated for a while whether or not those shiny dead cells which I was so proud off should be chopped off and thrown away like they didn't worth all that shampooing, conditioning and love I had given them.

The debate on whether I should cut my awesome long hair would go something like this:

Then it would be like....

Finally, on this stormy afternoon, I decided to bade my half-year old hair ends farewell.

I am not sure if other people get like emotionally attached to their hair, but I sure do. I mean apart from my super extremely long torso, my hair is like the next longest thing you can find on the outside of the body. And of course I am not comparing it to other gross details like the length of my intestines (which I cleverly omitted) and my skin.

It has been through so much with me. It has shielded me from the blazing hot sun. From the acid rain which strives to give me a spongy head. From mosquito attacks on my head which would have otherwise given me a lumpy looking head.

Now, I am bidding it farewell in the most cruel way.

My beautiful waist-length hair has been reduced to a shoulder-length hair. Nothing feels right.

Here are some reasons why it feels so weird:

1. My head feels too light
In fact, my head feels so light that I am touching my head like every five minutes or so to make sure that yes, my head is indeed still sitting on my neck, and no, it has not floated away like a balloon to somewhere else as I have imagined it to be.

2. My head fails to balance
I have a huge forebrain, and therefore I have a larger forehead. My mother said I looked like a Luohan fish. For your information, Luohan fish do not just have big foreheads. Their foreheads BULGES. My forehead does not bulge, thank you very much.

But having my 3kg hair chopped off meant that my head has lost its equilibrium and now I am nodding back and forth like a nodding doll. And my head will hang forward and I will have dificulty eating my food. And it also means that chances of me falling asleep on my table is larger since it is now harder for me to pull my head up.
3. My back feels vulnerable
My back feels freaking vulnerable. When I showered last time, there will be this cascade of hair down my back, making me feel very safe. Now my back is bare in the shower, and I feel like my back is being shy to the water.
4. I wasted 1 extra pump of shampoo and two extra noodles of conditioner

After my haircut, I ate my food. And then I forgot I had ever cut my hair when I was bathing, so I took the usual amount of shampoo and conditioner. And most of that ended up conditioning and shampooing the floor.


The good points? I can't of think of any. I am still mourning over the chopped off locked of hair which I conditioned the most.

I shall end this post here and curl up in my bed, willing my hair to grow out again.


  1. hello Kira...maybe it's time to celebrate your new hair-do with the Versatile Award you've been nominated:) check it out http://kiddilemma.blogspot.gr/2012/08/and-award-goes-to.html

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  3. Don't worry if you just keep eating watermelons everyday, your hair will grow in no time.


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