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New Post? Hell yeah! A Wordy Post!

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Hey yo people!

After several days of gawking at my lovely comics, you must have been really bored. Personally I prefer words to comics/pictures whenever I feel like words are more appropriate and more comfortable for me.

Not to mention that it will take me half the usual time to finish a post.

A happy thing to rejoice over: The blog has finally broke the 10K page-views count.

I woke up from my hibernation, turned on the com to check the statistics of my blog, and hey, omg I broke the 10000 page-views!

Yeah lar yeah lar stop rolling your eyes, it is sort of a big deal for me okay? Even more big deal than whether or not Phie is still talking to me or treating me like thin air. (I am for once, thin, muahahahas).

Here are some updates on my life that nobody but myself is interested in, my I shall assume that everyone is interested in my life anyway. Who else keeps a pet penguin huh? You tell me.

Pipi my pet penguin! cute or cute?
1. Yes, this blog has an editor
...who is not me. The editor is a friend of mine and I am sure he will do a great job sieving out all the politically, racially, religiously, school-authority-ly sensitive issues such that this blog will never make me a target of people who reads and fails to understand what I truly mean and go cook up a storm on something I have never said before. You get it? Like I say, "Singapore is so freaking warm!" and I am pretty sure if this blog is an inch more famous than it is now, people will start going like, "You don't like Singapore you get out of Singapore lar! So much complaints! Our government do so much for us already you still want them to change the weather for you is it? Blahh blahh blahh I am a person who cannot see the gist of your whole blog post and so being the dodo I am I shall tackle the useless nitty grittys of your blog post."

There you go.

And many heartfelt thanks to my editor for his wonderful job done, also, you would have noticed that some posts such as "Rant: Sleeping late, gossip-mongers..." post and quite a few others are currently not available because they do contain, however little, sensitive issues relating to SA (acronym for school authority yeah?)

Sometimes I wonder why people can even get so ji-dong over a blog post in the first place.

For example, if someone were to blog tons of things about me (negative things lar) on their blog, I am actually going to....


I mean, for sure people must view you of importance to him or her to even WASTE their time typing out how much of a horrible person you are right? And it also means that you matter to them. Like my annoying princess junior. I came to realize that yes, I do get very irritated with her at times, but sometimes, I well, still sort-a like her. Oh gosh.

So for example is I blogged blah blah blah blah about a person, and the person is unfortunately one of the sensitive few who might break out into hives just because he or she is called the f-word or something. Then cyber-bullying blah blah blah blah all comes in.

Okay, let me tell you something, there is a DICHOTOMY between CYBER-BULLYING and STATING THE TRUTH and your opinions. 

In this age, everything is pretty much exploited, the term "cyber-bullying" included.

If A talks about something nasty B has done to her, and how A feels that B is being mean, and therefore describes all the bad things B has done, THAT IS NOT CYBER-BULLYING for lord's sake.

It is called ripping off your hypocritical mask to show the world your ugly side. Yeah?

Of course when B is being exposed of her disgusting deeds or misdeeds, she is gonna find some way to  make A to scrape it off the net right? Then she will say that A is actually cyber-bullying her, yadda yadda, and she is therefore being oppressed and she cannot function like a normal human. =rolls eyes= What kind of nonsense is that? If you do something, then be prepared for the repercussions. Like if you did do something terrible to me, then you better go burn the incense (shao xiang) and pray hard hard that I don't dedicate a whole blog post to you telling the whole world what kind of disgusting....rotten...rotten....(withdraws vulgarity) egg you are.

My point is, if you don't want people to say it, then don't do it.

And no I am not threatening anyone here, but I have been very annoyed by someone recently and I am very very tempted to blog about her/him/it.


Another thing I don't understand is when you give your opinions and people keep bashing you for it. For example if I make up lies about my school or what not, like let's say, I say that our school has no toilet when in fact it does have toilets, I guess you can sue me for defamation? (Even though if I am the school, I will actually strive to improve the curriculum than to snoop around a 16-year old's blog to see if she is accusing me of not having any toilets. Like no toilets jiu no toilets lar! Big deal! You go to school to study or pee? Think with kneecap also can understand right!)

Okay okay enough of this very debatable issue. I talk three days three nights about this also cannot finish talking about it. .___.

I forgot what else I want to blog lehs, coz I was too hyped up over issue 1.

End of story!



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