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Acnes Medicated Skincare

Sponsored Review
Disclaimer: The products are sponsored but the views are my own, and I promise to be as honest and fair as possible, kay? Also, the products have been tried for at least 5 days prior to the review.
Note that pimple is not mine! :OO
Are you having trouble with the frequent volcanic eruption of pimples like I do? Or is yours a bad case of acne? Do you feel helpless when you feel that your pimple is about to pop up but you can do nothing about it?

Worry not, Mochi is here to help you!

Mochi hates acne!
Mochi tells you that there are some ways of getting rid of your acnes/pimples:

1. Sing the acne-away song:
Ac-ne go away! 
Don't come again another day!
Ac-ne go away! 
Don't come again another day!
(and repeat infinite times till your acne is gone)
Now Mochi has tried to sing the song infinite times and her acne has not gone away! The song is  a lie :(

Let us skip ways 2-infinite and jump to....

Acnes Medicated Skincare Products!
Look at the range of products! (photo source)
From the notes given to me by Mentholatum, acne and pimples are caused by excess sebum and personally I think dirt and germs plays a small role too.

Sebum (rhymes with Kibum) is the oily substance that is naturally discharged from the oil glands of the skin. So the more sebum you have, the higher the chances of you getting acne.

(But there is a good news: people with oily face are harder to get wrinkles. How cool is that huh? Oil can be washed away but wrinkles cannot, yeah? So what is with a bit of oil when you are wrinkle free?)
But the problem comes when you have so much OIL on your face that you look like you just buttered your face, or when you look like you just survived an oil spill......
Sorry to the poor model for this...

So today I am going to review 2 products that may help you with all your oil-spill and volcanic eruptions!!

  1. Acnes Creamy Wash
  2. Acnes Sealing Jell
Acnes Creamy Wash

As the name of the wash suggests, it is really creamy and smooth on application and the best thing is that it smells really really fantastic! There is this light, sweet smell that reminds me of some sweet that I cannot recall. To me, the smell of a product is the most important, because who wants to be putting nasty smelling or weird smelling things on your face?

After washing, skin feels very clean and freed from oil, though there is this very slight taut feeling which I personally don't mind. In fact, I like my skin feeling taut after washes because it makes my skin feel clean! Weird huh? That sort of explain why I don't really like gel face washes that makes my skin feel slippery after washes because I cannot tell whether that slippery feeling is unwashed soap suds OR it is meant to be like that. This creamy wash suits my taste completely.

Thumbs Up!

Anyway, the creamy wash is supposed to do the following:

One of the above stated functions that it performs very well is to help sooth redness and skin irritation caused my acne. On my first day of using, this red bumpy patch on my cheekbone felt good, like not dehydrated but soft and comfortable. I also think that it helps to prevent the aggravation of pimples well because the few pimples that were about to swell on my face did not swell up, and in fact, the "heads" of the pimple fell off on the fourth day after using WITHOUT actually erupting. How cool is that huh?

So here is a summary of how this creamy wash is like:

Smell: Mild sweet scent that is pleasant and not too strong. (it makes me drool, I don't know why)
Texture: Smooth, slightly thick and sticky consistency that is pleasant to touch.
After-wash: Clean, non-oily, pores feel breathable, a slightly taut feeling that is not uncomfortable.
Acne-cure: Prevented aggravation of developing pimples, causing the "head" to fall off quickly.

Acnes Sealing Jell

It is very hygienically packaged with aluminum covering the tip which you can pierce with the cap. Tip: Poke a larger hole for easy access to the gel!

Mentholatum's sealing jell is mildly scented and has this sticky texture. It is transparent green (looks uncannily like pus, oh dear) but smells pretty good too. Its scent is even milder than the face wash, so no worries on smelling funny!

Ingredients and functions!

After application, the gel feels comfortable on the skin and does not make your skin feel weird.
(Kira's test for weirdness: wriggle or just squirm your cheek muscles, if you can feel something on your skin, then it feels weird)

The gel is slightly sticky on the skin, but not to the extent that you can feel your skin being uncomfortable and also the stickiness fades after a period of time. Hopefully it is not due to the dust in the air powdering it......

After application on my several small pimples, one of them felt tingly (maybe the skin was scratched) while the others feel as per normal. After several days (around 4 days) of using this along with the creamy wash, 2 of my erupting pimple actually dried and shrank and the "heads" fell off. (yeah I said that before, I know!)

I will be using this product some more and maybe do another update after finishing everything to show you all the end results, yeah? :D

Also, I cannot really be sure whether it is the jell that is curbing my acne or the creamy wash, since I use them both together, but I would recommend these to you all together too, I mean, it is more convenient and even more power, right? :)

Overall, I am very very satisfied with both products and I will not hesitate to purchase these products after finishing using these sponsored ones. I am running out of face wash when the products were sent to me, so I was very very pleased!

I would rate the creamy wash 5/5 and the sealing jell a 4.5/5!

Love this product too? You can get a FREE SAMPLE of the trial kit here

Alternatively, if you think that you already plan to buy this, you can find the products at most pharmacies such as Guardians and Watson! The creamy wash is $6.90 I think? And the sealing jell is $8.90 at Watsons! Totally worth the price! Other acne-killing products are way more expensive!

That's all for now folks! Will update again when all the products are finished!


Do drop me a comment below about anything at all related to my blog and I will every effort to reply you at the first moment! Cheers and thank you for reading!