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Three more papers left to go!

Actually I need to blog about all the good and bad things that happened within this week, but there are still two more papers tomorrow, hence I shall go through each day super briefly, rest a bit then go study for the stupid IH and Chem. Gahhhh....

On Monday we had Physics and LA paper, and the physics had like damn little time! The section A was full of calculation questions and I had to painstakingly go through each question to get the answer. It took me like almost half an hour (23 minutes to be super exact) to finish section A's horrible MCQ and I only had half an hour left for section B and C, which is like super screwed. Anyway, I was like very jingzhang so I peered around and saw that many others were as fast (slow, .___.) as me, so I felt a teeny wee better.

LA was tough lar, I mean how can LA ever be easy squeezy? It was like argumentative and my chosen question was that "Modern technology always improves the quality of people's lives. DO you agree?" I decided that I could reuse some of my previous knowledge on the Monsanto's scandal and also the Bovine Growth Hormones and the 1-tryptophan thingy, which were the only things I read and memorized out of the thick stack that Mrs Irene Tan gave us. Speaking of Mrs Tan, I think she is quite nice leh, not as difficult as I thought she was. In fact, she is quite caring, and if you think about it, she puts in a lot of effort to teach us! Like having all the essay plans discussion and what not, I think she is a good teacher! But then if others are going to  complain and whine about her, I will just nod along since I tried to say that she was nice once and all I got was shocked looks. :O :O

Back to the topic of LA argumentative, I was asking Jocelyn about it and she was like "how you define modern tech? And how you define quality of lifes?" which I wrote as something about inventions from new science and something about fulfillment of basic needs respectively, and she gave me this "huh?" look which got me super worried. Point to self: never ask cheem Jocelyn about anything after exams, especially when assurance is more sought after than sincere opinions.

Then on Tuesday, we had Chinese papers for the whole day, dear flying mother pig. I tell you, Chinese is definitely horrible because you don't even know how to revise for it, and you are just there feeling like super insecure and crossing your fingers and hoping that the setter isn't some sadistic being who takes pride in watching the students rot as they do the paper. I must say this time the paper was much more manageable in terms of being about to finish the paper at least. The previous one was like bloody screwed, but what screwed me turns out to be my essay components which I was so confident of, and the test paper itself seems not bad (way better than what I thought). So Chinese was like hai hao lor (passable).  For lunch that day I ate Japanese food with Sophia, and personally I thought the food was pretty horrible in many sense. Like the rice was not the nice Japanese rice that is soft and fragrant but hard and well, hard; the chicken choplets were kinda "nua" and non-crispy, and the cheese on the rice was well, sour (in my mouth it tasted sour lar kay!) Sophia said it tasted like corn?!? Maybe it did, gosh. Anyway, can someone please kick all our new vendors out? I have tried out 3 out of the six stalls and the food are tear-rible. Seriously bad. Like the omelet rice we had the other time, the rice was hard and stiff and you know that mix of pea and corn thingy they liek to add were still RAW. OH GOD. Not to mention that I had a diarrhea and so did Luowennie.  (Luowen has earned the name of Severus Snape thanks to her new hair cut that is like, well, Snape. :D) Chicken rice is still okay though, even though that is about it. I ate the Malay stall today and f*** it was like what is the problem with their food and hardness? Like the rice super hard and today the guotiao I ate was damn hard also, like got bits here and there that was like impossible to chew through. HORRIBLE. WE MUST BOYCOTT THE STALLS TO GET OUR OLD CANTEEN BACK! -sheds a tear-

Finally, today we had Maths 1 and Bio, and Maths one was way harder than it was in Block Test 1. I was very disappointed because I think a lot of marks are gone already and I will no longer get my awesome 58/60. (Yeah? I am arrogant cannot meh? HMMMP!) Anyway, a lot of people were saying that this and that were wrong yadda yadda, and I found all the chatter super annoying because aiyah I did horrible lar, that's why.

Anyway, Bio was sorta screwed too, and I think I got multiple questions wrong already. Like the snail eye question, I claimed that the snail is like short-sighted since it had fat lenses. I mean it make sense right? I was again horrified by my own bio and no doubt mopy and irritated when Cheerful Sophia was looking cheerful because according to her, Bio was better than what she expected and she said she only wants a pass, but well, we all know that Sophia is smart and she probably will do well. I think that either Sophia is very very humble or very very no-confidence, which I assume she is the former, because she often tells us that she screws her exam and then she scores damn high. Yes, you are right, I am sour-graping away because I wish all the things I screwed up will turned out awesome too, but apparently, they don't.

There was Chem supp class today and I guess it was quite useful, like can make us recall and revise. :D Sophia and Jiaqi went home because it looked like tonnes of people went home (when they all actually just went to buy food), and also because they wanted to study themselves. Siannnn arh, IH tomorrow confirm screwed one lor. Like I have never gotten good marks in IH before, apart from last year's BT1 where I memorized the whole essay and just regurgitated it and scored 18/18. :D Not bad arh?

Andrea, Sarah and I was talking about how awesome Xiaxue's blog was on our way home, and I was like damn happy I was't the forever alone person who reads Xiaxue's blog so much. We all agreed that she was a darn awesome blogger, and her blog was super funny, engaging, and thought-provoking (like the one on weak woman, pysche of a plastic or something). I always destress by reading her aweshum blog. Wahhahaha. Which is not always a good thing since xiaxue use profanities which I don't really mind, but when I use them, everyone else minds. Sighs. FML. Wish my school and people is more about about vulgarities. They are there for a purpose. Like cussing the exam papers that are too hard. And we think XX is like super duper smart even though she is not always flaunting how smart she is in, and she is seldom annoying even when she flaunts. :D Yay I hope xiaxue remains the top blogger forever (until she stops blogging) because I tried so many blogs and most of them irritates me to NO END. Go XX! We (Andrea, Sarah and I) are your fans and we love you and your blog! Don't listen to the haters, because haters hate and potatoes potate! :D I think I would be damn sad if other people take over as the top blogger, because so far i find no one entertaining (and definitely not Naomi, I am sorry to her fans). Yeah lar yeah lar, this blog also very boring, you say?

Now why don't you just go stand in the middle of the road and try to see if teleportation can happen when danger arise?

This post shall end very abruptly here, and be updated some time later!


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