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Many many many things!

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Oh lord I have so many things to talk about. All thanks to my block test, I had almost no time of my own which is really really terrible.

1. I didn't go to school today.
Which effectively means that I didn't take Chem and IH paper. And to think of the number of hours I spent on doing all the Chem worksheets, memorizing all the reactions and conditions; calling Wenjia up to ask how to study IH and waking up no later than 4a.m. this morning to revise. I was already having flu and cold yesterday, and my head hurt really badly.

This morning after waking up at four and smsing Wenjia again for a bit, I was looking through IH when I fell asleep on the table. My mum came round at about 5.55a.m. and realized I had a fever running. My head hurt so badly that it throbbed with each step I took and I ended up not going to school. Waste my time waking up at 4.

On a completely unrelated note (okay maybe a little), Wenjia is probably the most awesome, cute and funny study buddy one can get! She is kick-ass talented in her languages and history (including IH) and she just has this natural flair for writing. Sighs, omg I am quite envious of her talents! :D

2. Liam Hemsworth should not marry Miley Cyrus

He should know what he is going for man, seriously. Like Miley?

Okay okay I admit, she is pretty (only prettier than me and some singaporean actresses), and she has a relatively good body, okay voice etc etc. BUT HELLO???


Anyway, I think that Liam is making the biggest mistake of his life. Like isn't Miley placed in the same caste as Bieber, Rebecca Black and Demi Lovato? I am not sure if Demi is in the same caste, but hell, the other two definitely are.

To be perfectly honest, Bieber sounds better than Miley.

Whatever Bieber haters, you guys are jealous of Bieber.

AND I AM NOT a Bieber fan or Bieliber or whatever nonsense that thing is to be spelled like. I don't see why people waste their time, energy (electrical energy for computer, chemical energy for talking and typing shit about Bieber) and brain space coming up with so called funny ridicules to degrade Bieber. Like did he ever rape you? Or did he steal your girl friend? Or is he the boy you bullied in high school and now you are just seething because he is world famous, has a good (not bad) girlfriend and you are still nobody in life? Hmmm?

I think how the Bieber hating started should be like this.

This group of people who are like hollywood-stars-wannabes are super duper jealous that Bieber was talent spotted instead of them. They raved, they raged and they raped (nonsense but here to rhyme this thing) but hey presto, you are still just a normal beanstalk and Bieber suddenly became a GIANT beanstalk.

So this group of failed fellows decided to spread rumours that Bieber is gay, Bieber sucks, Bieber is lame etc etc everywhere. To make themselves more convincing, they decided to bribe people to hate Bieber when those bribed potatoes have no idea who Bieber was at that point of time since he was just rising to fame (or infame?).

Anyway, Bieber does not sound that bad actually. There is this one song that I listened quite a lot for a period of time, it is "Never say Never".

For you jealous fags who are still wasting your life dissing Bieber by calling him gay, stop having no life and why don't you turn gay too if you determine that that is actually the deciding factor for Bieber to be so famous? Famous, infamous, regardless, he is somebody everybody knows and you are just a piece of rock, stone, paramecium.
Mr Mee-siam is very pleased to meet his own kind.

Shit why the hell did I digressed to become a "anti-anti-bieber-hating" post?

So back to the point about Liam and Cyrus. It is like the marriage of Andy Lau and Patricia Mok (sorry Patricia, you are cute and funny and I like you, but we all know that you are not the prettiest flower out there).

And Miley has her reasons to get all jittery (read article here.) when Liam becomes hottie Gale in Hunger Games. Because I am totally smitten by Jennifer Lawrence even though I am female and I think if  Jennifer is homo, I might consider turning into homo too and try to woo her.

My sexual preference is not the main point here.

Anyway I am still counting on Liam being a smart guy and ditch Miley at the wedding day (teehee, I am evil but who cares? I never did liked Miley). Go for Jennifer Lawrence instead, she is so much hotter and sexier than that amoeba that you are planning to marry.

Otherwise, marry me! I am not bad either, that is, if you, Mr Hemsworth, become blind someday (choy choy touch wood) and  cannot see and all you need is a nice caring and amusing person there. And I believe I am smarter than that amoeba. Afterall, I have more brain cells than that single cell organism can ever possess in her whole body. I mean I am pretty sure that most actors/actresses/singers are a bit whacko in their heads, ain't they?

Okay, enough of Hollywood stuff.

3. Why you guys should comment more on all my posts.
I am sure I have quite some frequent visitors on my blog. Like int he morning or afternoon when I first open my blogger main for the day, there will be showing like 40 views at least. Why don't I have any tags in my tagboard or comments on my posts? I feel like I am talking to the screen (pun intended).

Don't you all know that your comments and tags left are actually very very valuable to blog writers? If I feel like no one is reading, chances are this is going to be dead or something by the time I go JC, and I get kicked out of Nuffnang's Glitterati, I go berserk, I drop atomic bomb on  China. Why China leh? Coz they release too much foul gases and deserves to be bomb. Me loving giant pandas are unrelated to their bombing. MWHAHAHAHA.

And I have been told that I am an interesting writer (by Sophia the nice mainly) and I know PHILMANN NEO reads this.

Ain't I right, Mr Neo? Why hide yourself behind fake names to comment? Huh? Reading my philosophical blog very embarrassing meh? I don't even talk about sex all the time like Xiaxue does, so there is nothing that requires parent guidance reading this.

My point here is, you all should tag or comment.

The tag box there which I spent so much time customizing for it to look pretty, is not there for me to be a forever-alone and comment to myself, ya know.

How long does it take for you to comment anyway? Just do it.
Nike says it.
 Don't be so stingy with your comments, whether they are nice or not, constructive advice or simply rubbish that I will snigger at (privately). After all, it is free for you guys to comment right?

If you guys and girls don't comment, I shall write about nothing but about how we should stop bathing to save water, and I assure you that is will be very very stale. Pun intended again.

And again, this post shall end here because I want to write about a thing that has been upsetting me for so long.


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