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Cannot think of a post title

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I have been sitting before my com screen and wondering what to put in as a post title for the past 25 seconds. And I have been one to always believe that being spontaneous is good, so if I cannot think of a good title for this post, I might as well not have one right? :D


I have got some pictures taken on Monday, but now come to think of it, I am no longer interested to post them or talk about those stuffs.

That is exactly why I always blog once I feel like telling you all about something, because if I try to keep it in my tummy, it makes my tummy bloated and it also turns stale because I no longer have the passion to talk about it. And everyone will kill themselves over a stale post.

Anyways, here are the things I feel like recording down today:

1. Lady Jayne 

Contrary to my belief, the in-charge of Lady Jayne SG facebook promotions, QY,  is really really nice. Although I did not go for their competition, she still offers to give me and two of my friends their hair extensions and other thingies (don't ask me, I haven't got them yet). But don't you think that they are really sweet? Like seriously! How can someone be so nice and accommodating? She even let me choose the time and venue which me and my friends are comfortable with.

Nehceh originally wanted to come for the goodies (teeehee nehceh will jump at any goodies! :D) but she is like our 21st century's very own cavewoman.

No Facebook. No twitter. No Tumblr. No Blog.
Nothing at all.

So I thought that Nehceh wouldn't be a suitable advertiser.
No social media in 21st century = less exposure

So I asked Wennie and Zikki instead. :D Wennie loves free stuff too, and Zikki asked me a bout half a million times whether those people are kidnappers.

A conversation between me and Zikki would go like that:
Zikki: Eh, why that Lady Jayne person so nice one arh? Got problem or not?
Me: No lar, shouldn't have problem one lar. They are just giving us stuff.
Zikki: Why? Why must they give us? Will cheat us or not? Maybe they are evil.
Me: No no cannot be one lar. They are just wanting some exposure and publicity, also I have to write a blog advertorial for them after I get the stuff, and also advertise with them for free for one month.
Zikki: Orh, like that one arh?
Me: Yuppeh.
Zikki: Lady Jayne, the person seeing us, is guy or girl?
Me: Girl lar. Guy doing all this a bit the weird right? And also if guy I will kick his ass wahahahaha.
Zikki: Okay yays! I want I want!
Oh well okie. So yes, you will see a blog post about Lady Jayne stuffs soon, I guess?
And teeehee Lady Jayne is sorta lucky, because after our collaboration, I decided that writing an advertorial was just as taxing as writing a Chinese essay, maybe even more tiring, so I decided I am just going to do one advertorial at most per month.

And the price of each will be $100.


I just scared off any potential advertisers.

But whatever, I am such a perfectionist that I find doing advertorials a tad tiring anyway. So shall enjoy the freedom while I can!

2. Princess Syndrome found out about this blog

Well, the title says it.

She found out, and she dug out the archives of my blog, because she always read from the first thing first. She told me she saw both nasty posts about her.

I thought she was quite calm when she told me that, and she said she read it like two days ago(before telling me).

I asked if I have hurt her feelings, because I reread those posts and yes, at some point, I was indeed harsh because I was angry. Not that anger justifies anything, just that when we are angry, we are stupid, and we tend to shoot our mouth off.

She said yes, at first she was quite hurt, but then she realizes that those indeed are faults that she needed to change and perhaps I should have told it to her instead?

I told her that I did consider telling her, but we seldom have a serious enough conversation without her acting cute (Sorry Princess Syndrome, you know I am right) or clinging onto meh. And I didn't know how to phrase it well enough to make it sound like constructive advice and not mere criticism.

She said that all the problems are exactly why some people in her class don't like her.

I feel quite bad, because I thought that if she found out, she would spazz and throw a blue fit for the  next millennium. I offered to take it off, because I was afraid that she will keep reading it being the masochist she is and feel hurt somemore.

She said no, it was okay.

And yes, she was really upset initially but she can't cry because her mom will then know she is not studying as she said she was.

Actually some of the faults are not exactly hers, I just found out recently. I think it is the way she is brought up, you know, too carefully and with too much restrictions that made her less easy to get along with.

Aiya, anyway I was just guilty, so guilty that I wished I could melt into the ground and evaporate away.

My mom pointed out that some of her friends do know about my blogging, and requested that I make no mention of any of her few nasty friends who I don't think deserve such a title. Friends that cheat you of your money? Friends that tries to get your copyrighted materials? Friends that don't stick by you through thick and thin?

Dump them all. They are not worth friending.

Since I am no longer allowed to comment on the sleazier bunch of her friends, I shall tell you all what I look for in a friend instead:
  • Good sense of humor, open-minded (please do not be someone who cannot take a joke, crude or not)
  • Loyalty. I cannot emphasize that enough.
  • Forgiving and big-hearted
  • 80% honest. We all have our secrets and things we don't want to talk about sometimes.
  • Would be nice if you are high!
Yeah I know it sounds like a lot, but trust me, there are really such awesome people out there. My class has a lot. Almost everyone in our PE soccer team is more or less so awesome, trust me.

So based on that, my ranking of my best friends shall be as such:
  1. Phiephie
  2. Wennie and Nehceh
  3. J.Q. & Jumpy J. and Maths Whizz (Mazz)
  4. Chinny, Tomato, LXY
Okay okay, I decided that I in fact like so many people that most of the people I liked are missed out coz there is too many. :'( Sorry if I drop your name, I still love you.

And I think from 3 onwards, ranking not accurate liao lor.

And and, I think forgiving and tolerance is very important. I shall proceed to explain why.

See, when you first have this friend that you keep hanging out with, you guys don't know enough about each other, and because you are not familiar, you will expect less of each other.

When you get to know your friend better, you will also start to learn of his and her faults. Some faults are annoying to you, some can hurt you, some you simply dislike for no specific reason. Here, ask yourself, is that friend worth you overlooking her faults for?

If yes, tolerate what can be tolerated, and accept both the good and the bad things about her/him. You cannot expect him or her to be crafted out to be the perfect friend for you. Both tolerance and acceptance are important to make this work out.

When you know each other so well, you may start to drift apart.
  1. you may not agree with your friend completely, vice versa
  2. some of your thinking do not click
  3. you find him or her just irritating for no reason
  4. a habit of hers/his just makes you angry
  5. and the list stretched onto infinity
You should try to talk it out with the person. Think, is the relationship worth salvaging? Do you think about your friend and miss his or her company when he/she is not around? More good points than bad points? If all those are yes, then please please don't let your friend go, because you might regret it.

Not trying to behave like a friendship guru here, but just something I found out on my own journey of friend making.

"When you begin to know each other, no doubt you will find out each others' faults. That is when we have to learn to accept and tolerate, because that is what ultimately makes or breaks a friendship. If you can accept her faults and her, and she you, then you guys will never drift apart."
Also, don't expect anymore than what you can give. No one likes a demanding person who does not sacrifice. (:

3. Announcement

Wennie's intestines are stuck together, according to her. This is what happened:

=on our way to Mac Lab=

Wennie: Owwww my stomach is hurting so much! I think my womb is going to fall out.
Me: Uhhh....huh??? Did you like quote my blog again? Me and my detached placenta and all?
Wennie: Yeah I did. But the point is, my stomach feels heavy.
Me: Eh why? You pregnant?
Wennie: .____. No! It feels like there is a stone in there.
Me and Nehceh: =.= People pregnant with baby, you pregnant with stone.
Nehceh: She shagged a rock.
Me: Rock Grey, Grey Rock =mind totally tainted by 50 shades of grey. Gosh, JW, you are responsible for this=
Wennie: Eh you guys very sick eh!
Me: Yellow rock.
Nehceh: =in reply to wennie= that's why we are married. :D
Wennie: =.= My intestines are all clumped up.
Me: How can you tell?
Wennie: Just feel like it.
Nehceh: Is it not supposed to be all clumped together?
Wennie: I think they are stuck.
Me: Well unstuck them then. And Nehceh is right. If you intestines are all laid out nicely, Wennie you are gonna be a python.
Wennie: =holds her womb and groans=
Me: Let's help her up the stairs.
Wennie: NO! I am not laonainai.
Me: Yes you are, Severus Snape!
Nehceh: The other day she talking to HS she looked like a ahpeh while HS looked like a little girl.
Me: Ahpeh and his granddaughter.
Wennie: =groans=

Wennie and Nehceh are too adorable for words, omg.

Abrupt conclusion of post.
I have to do IHEE. =sniffs=

[IHEE stands for Integrated Humanities Extended Essay, a name for our Sec 4 IH SIA because they school promised not to give us any SIA, but hoila, a change of name and promise invalid. ]


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