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Alter Ego

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Hi everyone, I am Kira. I am a coward.

Yes, yes you are a coward who is scared of everything. I am not. I am Kira Knight the Fearless. I am not afraid of anything. I would say anything. I am not afraid of the consequences.Guess why I am so fearless?

I live in your body, I share your mind, I share your soul.
I am your alter ego.
Anything I do, you bear the consequences.

*crackles of static. dazed look from me*

Where was I? Oh yes, yes I was saying. That's right, you heard it. I am a freaking coward who does not dare to express her own opinions regarding sensitive issues because I refuse to be enlisted in the black list of my academy. I am afraid of spiders. I am afraid of the dark. I am afraid of the consequences that may come when I speak out my opinions when my opinions are called for.

~In this society, the honest cannot survive. Not without scars. ~

=murmurs in the crowd=

What? Are you asking me about my recent allocated work for CCA? Yes yes you are right, I am tasked, or rather I made a dumb choice to write about the most sensitive issue of the decade, the 86th anniversary musical.

=whimpers in fear, shudders in a corner=

-deep breaths-

I mean we all love the 86th anniversary musical don't we? I....I.... I love it! I... have sorta purchased the tickets for it, but I can't find it now....wait where did I left it? Was it me? Or was it just a dream that I want to buy it?

I love the academy, and I love musicals, I love everything in the academy.

No I don't. *smirks* You don't either. You never did. You have been complaining about the musical as far I can remember. You said it was a waste of time and resources.

*eyes fade from red to black*

What??!? What are you talking about? Of course I love the musical! How can it ever be a waste if time and money? We should always support the academy in it's decisions. The academy is always right. The academy is....always right. The academy is.....always.....


Manipulated Intelligence?
No way! That was just a story! Manipulated Intelligences do not exist anymore than cyborgs exist.

=sniggers= That is what you have been trying to tell yourself. 
Anyway don't digress. Say it. Say that you hate the musical. I know everyone else does. I have eavesdropped on the conversations of many, they all claimed that it is a waste of their energy.

No no! What are you saying??? Cannot be. I always like musicals.

Coward! Filthy coward! Speak the truth, coward!

Tell me the importance of the 86th anniversary celebration. Why not the 100th? Why? Tell me why we have to go through all this. The Academy cannot be right!


Fools with no opinions for yourselves.

Fools who listen to all the rubbish the Academy says. 

You are rightfully the Manipulated Intelligences of the Academy. Why? You are not intelligent. You just do things the way things are expected to be done, say the things the Board wants to hear.

With no opinions of your own.

RUBBISH! I have thoughts of my own. The Academy is truly great. The headmaster is great. Everything is perfect. I love the academ--eee--i---k....

*System is experiencing a forceful shut down. System will be reloaded and reformatted to remove potential viruses that may harm the system's central processing unit. Restoration completing in....
*Restoration complete.*

The gentle whirr of engine could be heard as the cyborg picked itself off the cold hard cemented floor. It looked around itself in mild confusion for a fraction of a moment, and spotted the banner advertising the 86th Anniversary Musical.

"I love the Academy. I love the Musical. Everything, all the effort is worth it. The time and the resources." the cyborg said in a strong, sure voice.

"The Academy is always right anyway."

*Characters and events are purely fictional and from imagination. Any similarity to characters from real life or any similarity to events in real life are purely coincidental.*

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  1. You're so cool! I don't think I've read anything like that before. So nice to find someone with unique thoughts on this subject. Really.. thank you for starting this up. this site is something that is required on the web, someone with a little originality!


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