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Sad day

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Today is quite a sad day for me.
=sighs heavily=
  1. Got back Maths 1 results. No good. No good at all.
  2. Had Chem quiz. Good thing was that I did that quiz before, bad thing was that I was worried about it the whole day.
  3. Had dialogue session with Vice-principAL. I like her. She is smart, humorous,can argue well and convincingly, and looks as though she really listens and appreciates our feedback. In all, I like her. But then the sandwiches sucked. I really wanted potato wedges. :'(
  4. Saw QY from Lady Jayne after school. She is really really really x infinite nice, and I decided that I liked her so much that I shall just keep Lady Jayne's ad on my blog for as long as I want. :D Don't argue, tahahaha.
  5. Mom was very angry that I got home at around 4pm. Mad angry. Not exactly a pleasant thing when she is mad angry. Because I will first try to appease or patronize her for the first 15 minutes, if she is not appeased, then I will go into my silent mood. If she is still getting all over it, chances are that I will start yelling and arguing after 15 min of my violent silence. Today I was just like one step away from exploding like a coke with mentos. =inhales, exhales= anger is not good for my body. 
  6. Was tired and sleepy and so I slept. Mom kept irritating me when I was sleeping, trying to make me eat dinner, but not the nice, "come and eat:)" but "if you are not eating it in half an hour's time I am dumping your dinner" type. Was so cross with that threat. The prawns she cooked tasted quite yuckeh (don't tell her!!!) because I think she added in too much wine. Maybe her hand shook when she think about how angry she was with me, then HOILLAAA! Alcoholic prawns. :(
  7. Nothing funny happened to me today. I feel relatively emo.
  8. Sorry guys, I feel quite sad, so this post can't sound funny. And I am apologizing for manner's sake, not that I really feel sorry that I ate my own sense of humor. And you can't expect me to be funny when I just witnessed the death of my Maths 1.
  9. I got 2nd for Physics! In tie with Jumpy. J. Top is Mazz (short form for Math Whizz). She damn pro lar. I got another sparkly ball thingy that flashes when you punch it/drop it from Mr Ang the Armadillo. And I shall comment that he looked so funneh with his poker face while strutting around in his deep blue Chinese costume. Tahahahaha. I sniggered so hard that I choked on my own saliva. Kidding. But he really did looked quite cute and amusing. 
  10. And mum is back. End of blogging. Shall watch K-dramas later. :D


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