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Taiwan Buddy + Post-exam horror

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Let's begin with some pretty pictures....

Taken with Lumiere App. Looks really pretty right? Papery wrinkle and golden age yellow? Can't remember the exact filter.

Oooh I think this is like super pretty! It is like a soft dreamy filter, a bit blurry, good representation of the confusion I felt while taking the pictures because it was block test period and my brain felt cloggish. I know there is no such word, but that word explained the state of  my mind well. :)

Dreamy clock. Dreamy time. Love the star sticker at the corner of the clock. And the rainbow-like outline against the clock. Chromatic effect with soft screen/translucent filter. Beautiful, through and through. You guys should download that application too. And no, I am not paid to advertise it.

IH revision notes. I think it is very artistically taken! Like the angle, the slant, the area captured and the existences of the pen. Even the shadow looks cool, muhahahahs. Golden age with soft screen/translucent filter. (:

 Taiwan Buddy

From left: Me, Taiwan Buddy of mine Zuo Hui, and Jocelyn(: Yes I did photo-edit my face only to make myself look prettier. :D And I think I look much chioer after the photo edit. And I refuse to put the original, coz I don't see why I should look through my own blog and feel sucky when I see sucky photos. ^^"

This one cannot put large because it went through a third photo-blinging app that made it look so blur. Sighs.
Today's topic is gonna be very miscellaneous, so to prevent confusion, I shall number each topic that I am going to nag about. ^^" 

1. My Taiwan buddy

 Zuo Hui is a super nice, gentle person with eyes that are big big round round, especially for her since she has single eyelids. She is what Xiaxue will call a shunu through and through, but she is so nice so I shall give her a nice name, "The Demure Lady". She speaks very little till the end of today when we were watching some horror shows together when she started chattering away like a baby birdy. Most of the time (yesterday when we first met, and today), she just smiled, laughed and made little noises of agreement as I yabbered away.

Me (In Chinese, duh) : Everyone hates the school musical ya know. See all the poor grass is dying under the stage. :(
Wennie: YES! I hate the musical! I wish the stage would collapse (but no one is harmed) and that will teach them something!
Me: Agreed man, totally. Tol'ya we hate the musical!
Phiephie smiles in consent, Zuohui giggles at me and Wennie.

Later on in class:
Me, trying hard to make a joke in Chinese: You know if women were chicken, all farmers will be poor!
Zuohui: Why?
Me: Coz we will all just lay one egg a month! And chickens will go extinct!
Zuohui: But the farmer can keep many many chickens and many cocks!
Me: Yeah! But then one egg a month means that eggs would be sold at 100 bucks each. :D

Anyway, most of the time she will just go =blink blink= with her round eyes and smile at me.

And she is like super easy to get along with, and totally fuss free. Non-irritating, even though on the first day I was super stressed about getting  a buddy because it is like having to be responsible for a lost puppy like character! She can't find her way around the school, so she tails after me all the time, and I had to go with her wherever she goes. .______.

Oh yeah, and there is this super duper good looking and sexy Taiwan exchange student who looks like Jae Leung. Don't know who is Jae Leung? Man, you are missing out on the good things in life!

Jae Leung! Shuai a not? And he knows me okay! (Know as in know me on alivenotdead, teehee.)
And don't you dare say he is not good looking! He is good looking and NICE. Non-diva-ish at all. Very very very nice. He even bothered to reply all my comments, if that makes you jealous (you should be turning a very fine shade of green by now!). Anyway to prove that Jae Leung is a super nice guy, I shall go steal my friend's photos. :D

YUP! He even came to support our class/school's Dramafest 2010 when our classmates invited him to. Shows how nice he is right? The next time got this event, I am going to invite Xiaxue (Jae Leung in Hong Kong or somewhere liao, boohoos). :D And if you are going to comment that I look like a retard/yadda yadda, you better don't. I know I look weird here and don't need you to rub salt on the wound. HRRRMPH.
Okie, enough of Jae Leung and back to the good looking Taiwan guy.
Actually he is not half as good looking as Jae Leung, only their eyes look similar. How can I say that? Because I had a good look at him up close. His nose is a bit bumpy, eyes very very chio, hair very shuai but then the nose! A bit the big and lumpy? Kay lar, will give him an 8/10.

I am such a shallow fellow.
Ahh whatever. Being shallow makes me happy.

So after school, Zuohui and I went to the com lab to use the Macs to watch scary videos. Very scary some of them. We watch this thing called "Top Ten Scary Movies" by someone and felt that it was very well made! Super scary. Zuohui was hiding behind her hand and me behind my thick physics Olympiad textbook. We also watched the part of Final Destination 5 where Candice broke herself into half when doing gym. Not that scary because I am too used to the blood and gory in Final Destination. You guys can go youtube for it.

After that I sent her back to boarding school and the boarding school security hollered at me, saying why I trespassing? I am no boarder! So I told her that it was my responsibility to send my buddy back to the boarding school in case she gets lost.

The horrible security guard said, "So many days already, still don't know how to get to the boarding school?!?"

Like wtf? It is only like her second day here, how can she actually be expected to remember everything? I told the security that and she looked bloody pissed. Sighs. I was more angry, okay! How can a security be so mean to the exchange student is a wonder. Someone please fire her. Securities should always treat students and exchange students nicely! D:< That security guard was ranting and scolding us loudly and saying things that was like insulting ZH's intelligence lor. Ugh. Makes me so mad.

2. Unreasonable Demands

I am so absolutely tired of unreasonable demands which render the demanders utterly thick-skinned and unreasonable. I wanted to say shameless, but then I look at how my blog has hit over 3000 views already and feel that it might be dangerous to just shoot my mouth off. Too many people read my blog now, all thanks to my shameless publicity, like "Go read my blog arh! It is very well written" and "Ahaha! I know! You can destress by reading meh aweshum blog!" 

So well, it turned out that people actually do read it, like some of my closest friends. Yesterday I saw Wennie reading my blog on her iPad, Hechennie reading my blog on her iPad too and sniggering to herself. I borrowed Jumpy Jocelyn's iPad to read my own blog (shameless too, I know), and later she was reading it with interest. :D Some of them even quoted me from my blog teehee. Makes me feel so important. Zikki Ziqi told me she read one post! Which is still pretty awesome. :D

Oops. Too much digression.

Anyway, back to those people with skin like alligators, I think they should stop it. 

"Susan (my momkins) arh, can you ask your daughter to help my son do 2 science questions?"

Walao eh, you very what leh. Don't think that by playing the mum card I would do for you lor. 

If you are asking me for help, shouldn't you ask me directly to be sincere? Asking my mom to ask me is freaking insincere and also manipulative. UGH.

And the question is totally nonsense. Like, why some animal's egg so hard, what does the hard covering do? What does it do? Protect the animal lar! Then? Try having tofu skin for egg shell and see what happens lor. Pahh~~~

But yeah, =withers= I did the three questions because I am such a awesome person. -shush!-

Anyway, my point is, you should ask me, nicely, and not make it seem like I am indebted to you to do it just because you went through my mother. Insincere, insincere, and insincere. If you ask me nicely, I would have agreed without feeling so miffed. 


First this little boy who is my so called "god-brother", then the parent. 

At least the my god-brother showed sincerity and gratitude. He thanked me nicely after that and looked really cute and nice when asking for my help. The parent leh? No thanks at all, the son also never thank me, take my help for granted right?

I don't like people without gratitude. 

My help is not "li suo dang ran" (taken for granted), and just because I taught you science or whatever before does not mean that you can keep asking me stuff after I stop teaching you. Otherwise how I ever earn money? Might as well do charity work and get CIP points right? No, that is not the point.

I have always taught a lot of people for free, helped them for free, tutored them sometimes for free, so long as they showed me sincerity and gratitude. But those buay paiseh people who demand your help like you should give it to them, wish someone would just bring them to Pluto and let them stay there. 

UGHS. =irritated=

Every of the parents who are nice to me sooner or later ask me to do this, do that. This guy mother wanted notes, that girl mother wanted other notes, this one wants help with science, that one wants help with maths. And all along I thought the parents were being nice to me because I was being nice and friendly to them.

No. Everyone of them is asking for something in the end. Which I don't mind. I mean I even spent hours digging out Geog for this Hwachong sec 1. The mother thanked me, which made me feel lie my time was worth it, but the son leh? See me pretend I am transparent like that. No thanks, no greeting and definitely no gratitude. 

Horrible. Someone please give them a shot of gratitude, thank you very much.

3. Too much work and quiz right after exam

There is way too much work and quiz after exam. I cannot emphasize on that enough.

And I thought we are asked to sleep early? We have so much work to do, quizzes, assignments, how to sleep early? Not to mention that it is post-exam, and the super early period of post-exam (is has only been the 2nd day after exams, hellooo~) and we had this super long list of things to do. Ugh. FML.

I think we need a break, we all do. 
There, there. Apparently we have to sleep from 9pm to 5am to let our body fully recuperate. Uh oh, seems like the sleep early and wake up early thing is not gonna work out. I was right after all. MUAHAHHAHA. (img src: Tan Yun Ming fb)
YES. This is so horrible. To give so much work.
After all, I saved up so much stuff to blog after exams and now I can't even write to my heart's content. =snuffles=

4. Go Shallow, Feel mellow
The subheading is stupid, I know. I just want it to rhyme.
This morning during Saint John's march, me and Jianing and Chin Shian were discussing what dramas to watch or were watching. Jianing says Bridal Mask is super duper nice and I should watch it. I think Big (featuring Suzy from Miss A) is super nice and worth watching, and also "I do I do" coz I think Lee Jang Woo is quite cute, not bad lehs.

Chinny was watching Midas (I know, so outdated) but we all watch outdated shows sometimes right?

I wanted to watch IRIS because it had TOP inside, but then I knew that TOP died, hence I didn't want to see it. And according to Chinny, TOP was evil inside and he murdered someone (which I didn't mind) but he only appeared in 1 episode (which I mind).

So Jianing was telling me to watch Bridal Mask:

JN: Go go watch Bridal Mask! It is superrrr nice!
Me: The people good looking or not arh?
JN: Yes yes super good looking, should go watch!
Me: Are you sure? I mean, I am a shallow person and yes I like to look at good looking people because I have my fair share of ugly fellas daily and I want to ogle at good looking celebs.
JN: Yes! That guy is from King of Baking the 2nd lead! He is even better looking than Yoon Shi Yoon!
Me: I sincerely doubt so. Yoon Shi Yoon is hot, cute and totally smashing. :O
JN: ...

Yoon Shi Yoon. Omg I feel the need to hug my monitor. Nah kidding. I am not that much of a pervert. (img src: http://mariasilitonga.blogspot.sg)
He looks like Key from SHINee.

Arhhh. Some time ago, I was obsessed over Key. They look pretty similar, don't they?
Anyway, with all this homework means:

1. Less Korean Dramas for meh
2. Less Blogging --> Less views --> Kicked out of Glitterati --> Depression --> Bad Results --> Kicked out of school --> Suicide.

Teehee. Kidding!

Oh lord. What a long post this is. But never mind. Well worth it, if you guys keep reading! Lalalala~

Shucks, I want my exam papers bad, but I am afraid of the sucky results.
Shall not get my face wrinkled over it! Not worth it. After all, if I worry now and I worry again, then I will have twice the wrinkies! D: = very very bad.

Shall watch Big tonight at 11.00pm to 11.30pm! By that time the subtitles would be out! 

Pyebye you earthy earthworms!

Hehehe I thought this meme is super funny!
Can you imagine mine?

"Ying, Ying Ying."
Life is not meant to make sense, I guess.

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