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Over 2000 views! In less than 3 weeks!

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I have a joyous piece of news to share with you all!

 YES!!! This blog has hit over 2000 views in less than three weeks! =extremely moved=

I think it is simply amazing that people actually read this blog which started off pretty crappily with me proclaiming to be a so-called "expert" in fashion and yakking away on how terrible some fashion are.

Of course, I know for a lot of people out there, have 2000 views can be achieved in a matter or a day or simply a few hours, but I am very very surprised and no doubt moved that today, this blog can do so well!

I know a lot of famous bloggers are going to laugh at me, but you can laugh! I am so happy now that I will laugh along! :D I know 2000 is no big deal for you guys, but for me it is!

So here, I would like to thank everyone that has been reading this blog from the day it was set up, including CR (you know who you are), CSHTOP and MYSELF. Yes I read this blog everyday because I think I am a pretty darn awesome blog writer! Thank you so much guys for supporting this blog, and here is a big hug for all of you who support the blog so much and showed me encouragement along the way! Thank you and please keep reading and telling your friends about it! Don't be a mean veggy and keep this wonderful and highly entertaining blog to yourself!

Love you all, really. Whether or not you are a smelly radish reading this or smelly camel! :D (P.S. I want camel's long eye-lashes!)

I would be changing to a nicer blogskin after all my exam on the 10th of July, so please keep reading and supporting me! Thank you!


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