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Lady Jayne :D

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Okay okay folks, things are all cleared up!

Thank yous to the few people who messaged me to ask me what happened! (:

Also, Lady Jayne was not ignoring me intentionally. I guess I was being very mean in my previous post about them because I didn't like to be ignored, as I have stated. :D

Anyway, Lady Jayne and I have all the things cleared up between us, and I think I should delete the previous post, not because I am a coward, but no, Lady Jayne is so far, not your usual practical business person. The person in charge, QY, is pretty nice and was patient with me despite my ranting with them on Facebook!

Like I said, I was a bit rash and also hurt previously, hence the post!

But now I shall eat my hat and tell you guys that it is also partially my fault okay? Because a bit is because I was too anxious and Jayne did not reply hehe. :D

Kay then, bye folks! (:

P.S. If someone is going to be irritating and keep pretending to be someone else, I am going to remove the tagboard okay?? If you hate me, don't read this. Go away. I have a lot of supporters who read this. Even my mother's friends are reading this. My classmates. Hwachong friends. Don't need haters here.

Haters hate and potatoes potate.

Thank you velly velly much.


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