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Was bloody irritated almost the whole of yesterday.
God, some times life is just irritating the heck out of me.

1. Why are some bloggers so diva-ish? 

I mean if you are as famous as Xiaxue or something and you get like 23456781232345 people following you and loving you, then maybe I can understand.


You have like less friends than myself even on Facebook and I have actually never heard of you in my whole entire life, so why diva around?

Admittedly, I don't exactly know everyone personally on my Facebook, but that is beyond my point.

Gah. I almost always reply to comments, don't I? So when I comment on other people's blog, why don't they comment back?

Yeah yeah fine fine, it is their way, their value, their principle blah blah whatever.

Or maybe some people's heads are just as empty as Miley Cyrus'.

 2. I was so irritated that I wanted to close this blog, again.

Did you know days back somebody posted as Phiephie and placed a weird comment on my blog asking not to be judged?

I thought it was Phiephie and was wondering what she meant so I smsed her asking her if she read and commented on my blog. All the time I was feeling doubtful because Phiephie was not like me who eat full full got nothing to do everyday sit in front of com and read people's blog and write awesome stuffs on own blog.

Phew. What a long broken sentence. But whatever, I don't really plan to write an argumentative here.

Anyways, she replied and said nopes, just as I thought, and said she hasn't read my blog recently coz her CCA has been tying her down on the neck. Acks.

Point is, there is this stupid imposter.

And I deleted the comment, so don't try to find it.

Phiephie was worried about her reputation getting ruined, hahas. It was so funneh! She was like, "Oh noes! Delete it! Later ruin my image and my reputation!"

Can you imagine Phiephie being a horrible on her me-proclaimed best friend's blog? I suppose the image does fall that much.

So that was one of the reasons why I got really miffed.

Another was that apparently, my mother's friend know about this blog too, so now I can't even post up things that I don't agree with my mother here. She would probably go tell my mum and also twist what I say, not intentionally of course, but in her own interpretation.

And let me tell you this, adults don't really understand things the way we do.
Trust me on that one.

Imagine if I wrote, "I don't think what my mom said made sense"
Then the adult friend comes along, and the message that gets passed to my mother would be, "You daughter thinks what you said is nonsense." and of course, with a dash of her own opinion that does not really stand "And I think that your daughter is being rebellious...."

When that happens, I jump into Yellow river also cannot wash clean oi! And forget about Yellow River, Singaporeans prefer jumping into reservoirs as far as I read the news, so always boil your water well and run it through multiple filters and don't drink from taps!

God knows what stuff there are in our water when everyone decides that a watery death is their cup of tea.

I mean, drown yourselves somewhere else! Reservoir water we need to drink and use one leh!
I read somewhere that some people even drown themselves in the water tank in the roof that supplies us with water?

Can you imagine? Using water reeking of death? Well, I cannot.

Okay, so there is my second reason why I am irritated. Also, I think the girl with PS (Princess Syndrome! Not Plastic Surgery!) found out about my blog and it would be a matter of time before she blows up into tiny little pieces of disgrace, and tiny little pieces of PSes will come and haunt me.

Dear Lord.

Why the heck is my blogging restricted in so many ways?
My mum, (don't warp the things I write or add salt and vinegar to it!!) says that I should steer clear of
  • Politically sensitive issues
  • Racial issues
  • Religious issues (like not talking about City Harvest being...and all)
  • School politics
Hell. What am I going to blog about then? =weeps= I am so politically inclined that I am dying to blog about who and who's new shoes.


I am NOT interested in PRR, acronym for Politics, Racial, Religious issues. Maybe sometime I am, but given that we are all so clammy about it, I suppose I can't have my two cents there without getting myself:
  • Thrown out of school
  • Exiled from Singapore
  • Jailed
  • Hanged
  • Placed on the Moon
But why would I even delve into something that is pretty much outside of my daily life? Why should I pretend that I am overly concerned with politics when I don't really care so long as PAP is still my government.

(Digression: I love PAP. I was in their kindergarten with the lightning symbol long before I can even string a phrase together, so yeah, I have some imprints on PAP. Not to mention when I studied history in Sec 2 and I was really impressed by Mr Lee Kwan Yew. He is my idol. Serious. He is the bravest, strongest man I know. So don't talk about other political parties here because me <3 PAP.)

Shucks. I did say that I was going to steer clear of politics. Now haters are going to bleed my blog. Acks.

School politics?
MUAHAHHAHA. I love dissing school politics.
But currently, I have to do it with subtlety and flavor, not to mention style. I bet you can't even find anything negative about the things I said, can you? Trahahahaha.

No lar, actually NY not that bad lar. =smiles sagely=

I will tell you all more after I graduate, promise. =winks=


No lar. I am not gonna care. I don't think I have to go that early. After all I am seeing my buddies at 11.30am. :D So I would just throw on something and go at 11.15am.


It takes me 25min to reach JP okay!

Oh noes, digressed too much. In summary, I didn't want to blog because:
  • too much restrictions
  • people that I complained about are reading this, dear mother of complain queens
  • imposters irritating me
  • and I am just a lazy ass, so?
But then I decided that I am just going to keep blogging and blogging since I like to have my opinions heard and loved anyways.

I am loved, and I know it. (:

  3. I ate a delicious banana fritters, or fried banana.

Yummalicious. :D The title says it.
And if you are wondering where I got this totally mouth watering, sense heightening piece of banana fritters, it is in Jurong Point, next to the knitting shop thing near the toilet on the same level as Crystal Jade. It is the same place where I bought the orgasmic chicken prata wrap.

When I bit into the crunchy, golden crust, my senses (or rather my tongue) was drowning in the yumminess. Then the banana.

I never imagine that bananas could be so delicious. :D

It is like, warm, soft and sweet, with some of its fragrant juice oozing out onto the crispy crust and GOSH it is heaven to sink my fangs into it. :D =Nirvana reached=

I guess I can't be that fussy of a person if I reach Nirvana that easily.

Yum yum.

I am going to buy another one today. AND! It is only ONE DOLLAR!!!!!

=excited squeals from the crowd=

Now I really have to go or I am gonna be late.
And I have not done my work, fml.
Pyebye my brave warriors.


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