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Super Duper Happpy Wappy Day!

Okie, the title is totally lame, but lameness is needed to express my incredible joy at the end of the terrible block tests. I think the block test has placed so much wrinkles on my face that my face now resembles an elephant's kneecap. :'(

But no, I shall be the happy-doppy fellow that I am! :D

I am too lazy to blog out a post that has been in my mind for so long, so maybe you all will see it tomorrow (if I feel like it, and if I have nothing better in mind to do.)

Also, I am not going to publicize this blog anymore. I am already too paiseh and meilian to go around advertising my blog all the time for the views, so my ardent readers should jolly well come and check it for yourselves! I love you guys, seriously. :)

Also, don't you think you readers are a teeny wee mean?

I mean I added a nice banner, I added a tagbox for your convenience to tell me what you think of what I think, and I even added a facebook like button for you lazy potatoes to click "like", but you just refuse to do any of the aforementioned 3.

How unfair it is too me, huh? Huh? HUH?
Do note that I am afterall a computer retard and it took me like 45mins to do all those. :'(

Actually is it very fair.
This is my online journal or diary after all, and if you are not commenting, it is pretty normal.
I shall just take on multiple identities to make this blog look super whooper popular, even though it already is. D:<

You are horrible rotten veggies that no slug wants to eat! :(
So comment! And you shall become an expensive organic veggy! :D

Wait, did I mention that I am very self oriented, self-obsessed and in love with myself?
Not to the extent that you are imagining, but yes I am.

So don't diss me if you find me expressing so much love for myself than your weeny little mind can contain! :D Teee~~

We all wear masks, don't we? But the mask changes, and reforms and becomes more of your alter ego. 


Do drop me a comment below about anything at all related to my blog and I will every effort to reply you at the first moment! Cheers and thank you for reading!