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What the hell is wrong with people who keep making so many shameless demands from me? I have ranted over and over again but they just keep coming. Keep throwing themselves and their smelly requests at me.

If you make a request, be prepared to be turned down.

But oh ho! No! It seems like these people thinks that you are obligated to do whatever they asks of you, and if you turn them down, you become the mean selfish one, while they are the "poor souls who needed help and did not receive any".

What the banana.

Wish I can give all you thick-skinned demanders a good kick in your ass.


On a happier note, I finally squeezed out  some time to use a face mask and pamper my skin. It has been in a terrible condition lately, and the credit goes to the school of course!

Why? You ask, eyes rounding in surprise.

Our school changed the canteen, and the new canteen sells oily food. Oil food means that we get pimples and acne breakouts, geddit you dimwit?

To add on, too much work.
I keep ranting and ranting about the work load, and no one gives a hoot. Right, I should be worried if someone gives a two hoot, because I DO NOT want the school reading my blog.

Oh yes, you all should all use sunblock.
I just realized how important it is to shield our poor skin from the sun today. Read this article on how not using sunblock will cause premature aging, fine lines coarse lines fat lines all in the name of the much feared wrinkles, and black spots and SKIN CANCER.

=shudders delicately=

Must use sunblock!

Repeat after me!!

Must use sunblock!
Must use sunblock!
Must use sunblock! 
Must use sunblock!
Must use sunblock! 
Must use sunblock!
Must use sunblock! 
Must use sunblock!
Must use sunblock! 
Must use sunblock!

Okies, now you will remember to use sunblock.

Even if you are a guy, sunblock is still important okay! No girl will want to date a guy that has more wrinkles than George Bush! And while you are sun-blocking, why don't you guys go do facials and use face masks too? I know some guys do that, I don't find it gay, I mean what is so gay about trying to maintain youthful looks right?

Heck all the people who deem everything as gay. They have not seen the world.

I am going to put sunblock into my school bag today! And I shall put another one on my table to remember to use it. To be honest, I hate sunblocks.


Most sunblocks are very oily and pore-clogging. Almost all the sunblocks I have tried, even the Loreal sunblock for oily skin still disintegrate into this sheen of oil after several hours, then you will look like a oily fried fishball, except that you are not yummy.

I got Sunplay's free sample, haven't tried it because the first time I use it, a waterfall came out. I got so traumatized by the squirt of white liquid that I shrieked and decided not to touch it again. Maybe I will use it tomorrow on. 

Now if you are patient enough to read all my adorable rantings, I shall tell you all a trick on how to prevent oiliness after using sunblock. Ready?

1. Use lanolin cream or any hydrating cream first. OH YEAH before that, tone your skin.
2. Use that terrible sun block of your choice. I am still gonna use Loreal.
3. If you are having PE or anything under the sun, USE MORE!! Put multiple layers until you look like a cake! Yes! Splatter the sunblock on yourself like you are icing a cake!! Fight the UV rays! Remember to put on your hands and arms and legs and butt and whatever-you-plan-to-expose-to-the-sun too.
4. After PE, I am pretty sure most of the sunblock would have either disintegrated in your acidic sweat or just vaporize or something, don't ask me, I wouldn't know, would I? Go wash your face. Preferably with face-wash. YES I BRING FACE WASH TO SCHOOL!! What do you mean by why? Personal hygiene, to prevent oily face, yadda yadda. Dry your face (and arms if you washed them) and allow them to dry. Then put sunblock again. Velly important.
5. If your face get oily from sunblock, hmm, use powder? Not applicable to guys if you don't want to get laughed by your classmates. :D
I think this is an awesome method. I shall use it from Monday on, and I will tell you how it went! :D


  1. I need to start working on my skin more too! I use Proactiv everyday, and if you use it like it says- all three steps, twice a day- it works pretty well! I'm obsessed with using sunblock! I don't care about being tan; it's not worth it to be tan now and then all old-looking at twenty-six! Plus, I plan to dye my hair a bright color or two of the brand Special Effects, and I think unnaturally, bright-colored hair looks better with lighter skin! I go crazy, actually; I use 100 SPF sunscreen! But GUESS WHAT! Because of my naturally sun-soaking skin- my dad is from Iran and that makes me Persian/Iranian- I STILL GOT A DARK TAN EVEN AFTER APPLYING THE STUFF TWICE! Maaan, I blame the beach, maaan!

  2. Oh! And I like your new title header! OH! Aaand, I changed my blog from icutshirts.blogspot.com/ to crazedandcontagious.blogspot.com/ because I realized cutting shirts every week isn't going to be enough for a blog. (I change blogs a LOT). I haven't posted anything on Crazed and Contagious, but I plan for it to be magical, so I recommend you unfollow the shirt-cutting blog and follow my other one. Y'know, if you wanna. If you don't; I will not be offended one bit :D


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