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Rants: People who blabbers Japanese and others

Flattery of the day:

Well, I always know I am a funny bunny.
 This post made me feel all warm and fuzzy....on the side of my leg next to my pants pocket. And then I realized that I left my iPhone in my pocket and WALAO Eh! Overheating to the max.

So people don't actually get warm and fuzzy on their legs when they are praised. And finally, thank you my dear friend on facebook, finally someone who gets my sense of humor without calling me a "bimbo" or "do you speak without thinking?"

You think it is so easy to be funny meh?

Trust me, people who speak without thinking are seldom funny. They are usually offensive or they don't make sense.

Actually it is easy to be funny. Humor comes naturally for me. For those of you who are dissing me and my sick/non-sick jokes, or calling me names for musing about things, I suspect that you once tried to be funny and failed miserably and hence really have something against people who are kick-ass funny like me.

Lord I love myself.

Yes, and I noted that someone rated this blog as boring on my Nuffnang poll.

In case you don't know, I actually don't really care or believe that you think that this blog is boring. Because I have enough evidence to say so. 1. that poll is close to the end of the page, you mean you actually scrolled all the way down to the end to find somewhere where you can rate this fantastic blog as boring? You're kidding right? Or dying for some affection. 2. You have to get past the 1st question to answer the second....so how did you do that?

Personally, I think this blog is pretty funny.

"So why do you actually include the boring option?"

That is an option for people who are jealous of this blog's level of humor or simply does not own a life besides dissing everything they read. Way to go keyboard warrior, come show me your blog lar!

Actually I am not even at the slightest angry with that fellow that picked boring. I am just trying to vent my frustration on someone since I am irritated with Integrated Humanities and cannot vent my anger on something as inanimate and intangible as IH.


Okay now here is the rant on people who blabbers Japanese.

I came to notice that MANY annoying people loves Japanese and anime/manga. SERIOUSLY. And they are like chao act cute. And by act cute I mean they love to squeal and emote unnecessary/ exaggerated over things which I won't even flutter an eyelid.

Like the girl with the princess syndrome. I am amazed how she succeeds at doing almost everything I hate yet I feel this kind of stupid responsibility towards her. AIYO someone must have cast a spell on me. I must go Thailand and break the spell omg.

Like walao eh, all you know how to say is "thank you" and "good morning" in Japanese so please don't throw face and speak it in front of yours truly can? Like if you want to say "thank you" and "good morning" all day in Japanese at home regardless of the situation I also don't care but freaking keep that Japanese tap shut when you are around me.

Remember when I was sec 1, I was bloody irritated by this girl in my class who learns Jap. Like whatever you say to her, she will reply in Japanese AND in a CUTESY HIGH VOICE -shudder shudder-. I Do Not Understand and Do Not Wish To Understand.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying Japan is bad/ Japanese are irritating/ Japanese girls are irritating blah blah blah. So before you launch into some moralistic lecture, read this. What I am saying is, SOME people who speak Japanese are irritating, not that all irritating people speak Japanese. Geddit? If you don't geddit, I will report you to your maths teacher so that you get a full hour of maths remedial with her on Sets and Venns Diagram.

These aforementioned fellows who spouts half-baked Japanese wherever they are are irritating the hell out of me with their Jap and their fetish with Anime/manga and the way they disregard Korean dramas. Like go ahead and worship your Anime! I don't give half a hoot. But some people see that it is a necessity to ridicule something else so as to show how awesome something they like is, in contrast. They are like, "I love anime! I love Manga!" and go about dissing Korean dramas, saying that the actor I like in the drama will never know me anyway. Keep telling yourself that, Japwaps. At least I am highing over a guy who exists in real life, unlike you who is all obsessed and drooly over a 2D picture in a book/ animated picture on the screen. Speechless? I would say so.

Also, stop being so kuazhang all the time. You have no idea how annoying it is to be next to a jack-in-the-box with a voice of a plastic doll. And creepy too.

And sorry to all the nice awesome Japanese speakers out there, sorry that you have to bear the brunt  of those who goes around yakking half-baked Jap. Yes, yes.

And the saddest thing is that my cousin, Ella, does it too.

I know right. Someone get me a toufu for me to bash my head with.

And I do acknowledge that I yak half-baked korean sometimes. HOWEVER, do not classify me with the aforementioned class.

1. I do not reply in Korean when you speak to me in English. I don't try to exclude people/ impress people like this.

2. I do not act cute/ diss other people's likings just to make Korean/ Korea seem so much better. Such people are like childish.

3. And my Korean is not half-baked. It is three quarter baked.

Moving on, I read Naomin Neo's blog archive (someone recommended it to me), like the first entry of it, and the familiarity hit me. I was like, -took of sunglasses-, lord that sounded like me when I was in secondary one or two! Every post on my blog and every status on Facebook was like bloody emo. If you are a emo-nemo who loves reading emo stuff to make yourself seem so much happier in contrast/ feel suicidal, feel free to read the-reawakened.blogspot.sg. That was my emo blog from secondary one and two (and some parts of sec 3).

Disclaimer: anyone who gorged out their eyes while reading that blog, I am not responsible.

Anyway, how did I stop becoming emo, at least stopped posting emo facebook statuses? You have to thank this one guy/ horrible person from boy's school. He was like secondary 2 when I was sec1, and I knew him through another online friend of mine.

At first I thought he was disturbing (a little) but nice, though rude sometimes. He even helped me to get rid of this one person from a secondary school whom I swear to be a super-despo. I will not reveal the names for the privacy sakes of the two people.

Later on, this person and I broke out into a quarrel or something on MSN, I can't remember what it was about, I mean I recorded it down in a private blog but then deleted the blog as I remember that the mentioned person had the address.

I remember posting an emo status and what he commented was, "Keep your fucking pain to yourself. The world has enough misery without you putting up this kind of emo stuff."

I was like wtf.

But to a certain extent, he was right, right? Why do we post emo statuses? It almost seemed like we are begging for attention and all. And I am talking about myself, not Naomi, so stop cooking up things to accuse me of. I can't remember why I did it, but from how I look at it now, I might just be an attention seeker?

Anyway, going back to Naomi's blog, it is very pretty, well designed, and the pictures are like very professional, but the few posts that I read were pretty emo. Like descriptive emo. Very good description though. Naomi is very pretty, (yes so you stop telling me how horrible I look), and good at photography? Yup. But her style of writing is not my cup of tea, so I am not going to read it anymore.

By no means am I criticizing her/ asking for people to hate on her, etc. She has the freedom to write whatever she wants and feel however way she wants, and it is not for me to criticize. I just wanted to point out that I was once like a emo-nemo too before my humor kicked in! I don't like reading emo stuff, so I am probably not reading her blog anymore, whether or not it is by coincidence that all 3 posts I read were emo.

Life should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Or some sugar too, to make it less salty. Sodium no good for health.

Kay. The end. Too lazy to blog more. Pyepye everyone. -waves-



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