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Rant: CCA

The more I think about it, the more I think that CCAs are all being stupid and unnecessary.

I mean I know the politically right answers. To develop us holistically. To cultivate an interest or a passion in us in this field that we are interested in. Blah blah blah blah.

Point is, who cares about passions and interests when I don't get all the sleep, slacking and relaxation that I want?

I think and think but don't see why my CCA has to have their CCA days twice a week instead of the good old once a week schedules. It does not make sense. Their reason was that other people think that we are slack, so we have more CCA days so that we seem un-slacked.

Guess what?

That is just being dumb.
Having more CCA days is like the most superficial sort of thing that I dislike. You know what is the point and flow of CCA days? It should be like this:

We have unfinished work ----> so more CCA days
We have more CCA days ----> let's come up with more stuff to do
Now you get it.
But probably no one will agree with me, but I do know that I am right and you are wrong anyway.

Rule of thumb:
1. Kira is always right.
2. When you think she is wrong, refer to rule 1.

There you go.

Anyway, I think I don't like my CCA president anymore. I used to think she was quite charismatic and nice, but now, nopes.

And dear president, if you are reading this, well I am sorry, but you have changed too much and become sort of irritating. And please don't try to use your powers to make my life difficult. Because if that happens, I will blog more stuff about you, and never underestimate the power of a blogger. :D

 Can you imagine me and my president fighting:
Me: You are being a tyrant these days.
Pres: So what? I can do whatever I want ha! =cackles evilly=
Me: I am going to blog out all your evil sides and the tyrannical things you have done!!
Pres: Sure sure go ahead.
Me: It will spoil your reputation for sure.
Pres: Maybe if Xiaxue or someone famous blog about me, then my reputation is down in the gutters. But you? Never! =more evil cackles=
Me: =smiles sweetly and tuck a lock of president's frizzy hair behind her ear= Never underestimate my power, dear Umbridge. We will see about that. 
Decidedly, I think most CCAs are quite terrible, especially when they have to participate in the 95 anni thing. So maybe in terms of work, my CCA rules. Someone give me a pat on the back for being a Smart Alec and quitting shooting while I can. :D

But I still stand strong that CCAs should be purely optional and students can choose to go when they feel like it, and not go if they don't like. 

I thought our country promotes free-will? Why then do we have to waste 4 hours of our life per week writing articles that no one reads, like Inked? The last time I saw Inked, Mr Nick Ng had someone giving him a mustache and a makeover.

No one ever reads the school publications.
Okay, 10% of the school reads it 5% of the time.
And that would be during very boring lessons like Chinese or History.

Why no one reads it?

School articles are school propagandas.
How do I know?

You kidding? My whole Inked article editorial team knows. Dol was the one who decided to call it a school propaganda, because the whole thing is just politically correct flattery that essentially no one wants to read. 

Remember that when we were first discussing what to write for Inked Issue 1 2012, we wanted to write about the negative feelings associated with 95th Anniversary.

President immediately went like, "NO! No you cannot include things like that." very very fiercely and somewhat with a tone of finality.

Like, duhhh, we cannot write stuff like that, we know.
Because it will never get through Ms English's eagle eyes. And then we would have to rewrite the article into a flattery for the school again. Which means that we waste so much time and excitement hoping that some genuine views and feelings would come out somewhere.

Ironically, we editors of the magazine are encourages to make the articles interesting by having our own views.

When they say have your own views, chances are that you have to write the socially approved views. 

Imagine me writing, "CCAs are a ________(insert vulgarity) waste of time"
Even without the vulgarity, you will never see such an article being published anyway. Anything that speaks not well of the school is essentially hidden.

Now I shall digress a little and tell you all how much I like Ms Seah the VP.
I think she is damn cool. And pretty charismatic.
Not to mention eloquent. 
Best VP ever, as she is someone who sincerely listens and hears us out instead of thinking that whatever we say is a joke.

I hate it when people ask for our opinions and then expect us to say the politically right things.

"What do you think of the situation?"
"Politically, she is wrong. Personally, I think she is brave."

There you go.


"What do you think of the situation?"
"I am thinking the way you wish for me to think."

Never never say what you are really thinking. Trust me. I have witnessed people being brought down when their sincere opinions are aired. Everyone witnessed it. But no one will ever tell you. It is like a skeleton in the cupboard, no?

And I was thinking, that maybe if the school authorities see this, they would be like, 
"Why do you write such things?"
"It is my online diary, I can write whatever I want."
"Given that it is online, everyone can see it."
"Porn is online too, so do you view it too?"
"=shocked= Of course not!"
"See, my point is, almost everything is online. If you don't like something, don't read it, stay away from it. I never did force you or ask you to read my blog, did I? You can choose not to. "

I won.
Byepye. :/


  1. Yes Mrs Seah is the best VP ever! For the first time during LA I actually feel like we are discussing intellectual stuff ;3;


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