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Rant: How to deal with questions/ people you do not like + shocking things

Come to think of it, there are are really tons of annoying people out there. No seriously.

And no, I know what you are thinking, I am not one of them.

But then again who knows? Maybe someone out there is so kick ass jealous that I am having a blog and she does not? Nah kidding. Or maybe jealous that I have sparkly purple nail polish? That makes sense. Purple is pretty. Or simply just find me annoying because I am breathing.

So I was just lying there and sleeping when I suddenly thought of a perfectly brilliant way to deal with all the nonsense and nonsensical people who spouts all the nonsense in this world and try to drown us in them. And I must say it is a freaking brilliant way. =beams and glows=

Remember once before exam, I was asked by my friend if I had finished revising for my exams. I mean naturally, no! I have not. I am like at the rock bottom when it comes to  efficiency and stuff. So I told her no. Guess what that annoying digging person went?

Annoying digging person: No way what! You are like a mugger!
Me: No lar, I am mugger but too much things to do already, so have not finish.
Annoying digging person: Eh heh~~~ Cannot be lar, don't lie lar you.

WHAT WHAT WHAT??? Are you kidding me? I told you an honest reply and you are here testing my patience. gahhh.

So how should we deal with such?

Method 1:
Reply with "What do you think?"

And no, I did not copy it from the minister of education or whoever that minister is. A classmate of mine started using it long time ago, and I must say, it is a smart method!

"Have you finished revising?"

"What do you think?"

"I think you have finished"

"Think that way then."

AHA. Those annoying digging people will be totally pissed. I don't know why they go around asking that. I mean it is alright to ask if you want to see if you are lagging behind or something, but why are you arguing with me over whether ME, I have finished revising or not? Doesn't make sense right! Think they are just prying and gossipy. Like if you say you have finished revising, they will tell the world, "Pssst, Kira has finished her revision! So Kiasu right!"

Method 2:
Answer each question with a question of your own.

"Have you finished revising?"

"Why are you asking?"

"Just interested..hehe"

"Why are you interested?"

"Just asking, for fun."

"I don't find it fun, why ask?"

"Asking cannot meh?"

"Did I say cannot?"

"Why, you never reply and you act so angry!"

"Why must I reply to your question? And what makes you think that I am angry?"

Annoying digging person explodes from frustration and anger, raining little pieces of her cells all over the planet, which all form annoying digging people. Ugh. Maybe she will implode and diasappear?

Method 3:
Smile and say huh?


You won't offend anyone, and you won't be sued for murder by killing annoying  digging people because they implode or explode.

"Have you finished revising?"

"Huh?" =smiles=

"Have you finished revising?"

"Hmmm?" =smiles sweetly=

"Don't act dumb, I think you have finished."

"Huh....hmmm..." =smiles even more radiantly=

Maybe you will get punched in the face? You know what people say about people getting more agitated when you are calm?

Shocking Things

You know the girl with princess syndrome which I keep talking about? Two little boys younger than her, actually like her. You know in that lovey dovey way I think?

I know. I fainted too and got sent to the hospital.

And I woke up and saw red rain falling and saw pigs flying and waving at me while holding pink umbrellas. When I looked out of the hospital window, donkeys wore spectacles and were writing E= MC2 on the whiteboards floating in the air.

No kidding.

Why? Why? Why do people, or guys, even like people with princess syndrome? Like seriously? Are those boys mentally injured? Okay okay, maybe it is because they are despos who like all girls at the first glance. Why would I say that? Because they seem to falling head over heels over each girl that comes their way. And they are P6 mind you. Must be the PSLE that is messing with their poor teeny weeny brains. Praise the lord.

Now that I think about it, almost all the Korean drama or Taiwanese drama I watch have something wrong with the female lead. One or two have princess syndrome. Some are too whiny. Some are too quiet. Some are doormats. Some are evil. Some are freakingly dumbingly kind. Some are just spineless. Like Lee Gayoung in fashion king. No spine at all. Does whatever the two guys ask her to do. Redeeming quality? She is loyal. And pretty. And is a doormat. WHAT!

Why do people even like doormats!

Like whatever you say, they just act cute (pukes) and smile at you. Now I have to say Xiaxue is really very very correct. Precisely why I read her blog so much. I too start to think guys like shu nu, those have very little opinions of their own and just listen to whatever guys say. Like doormats. Shu nu are not doormats. Doormats are doormats. Doormats are pretty irritating. And it seems like rebonded hair is really one of those criteria. No kidding. I have natural wavy hair. Should I rebond it? I was already planning to rebond it, but now I don't feel like it, I sort of like my wavy hair. Hmmm.

Back to the topic, why do people even like princess syndromes! Sorry, why do people even like people with princess syndromes? It is like freaking annoying please. Can you imagine someone is all act dainty and selfish and behaves like she is the queen of unknown land all the time. Hais.

Am I jealous? HELL NO. I do not need little boys barely into puberty and is small enough to be my younger brother to like me. I should feel freaked if that happens. Okay maybe not freaked, but disturbed.

I do not like people with princess syndromes.

Roger that. And keep it in mind.


Moving on, my dad is such an evil ostrich egg.

The other day, he rushed into my room and passed me the phone like, "If someone calls, say I am not in!"

I took the phone and within the next half a second, a super scary ghost roared to life on the phone. The ghost is the one from the scary maze trick on youtube. Anyway I screamed and threw the phone back at him and yelled at him for the next few minutes.

How childish can my dad get!

He downloaded that dumb prank thing and tested it out on me, no less.


And I have only $16 dollars left after spending all my salary. -hukkk-

I am so broke.



  1. I tink "what do u tink?" is the smartest. haha reminds mi of tch(a minister in the parliament)

  2. LOL if it were me...
    You finished revising yet?
    NO, I'M WAITING TO COPY OFF YOU IN THE TEST*youdon'tsayface*

    1. Haha good one too! Shall use it on people in the future :D


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