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Nice Clothes I Chanced Upon!

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Hi Everyone out there! (waves to invisible crowd)

I have just spotted some really awesome clothes and I shall share them! :D (Note that all the pictures do not belong to me, I just think that these clothes look awesome. Check out http://www.wanelo.com for more information!)

Motel | Motel Dalphine Dress Cross Ladder Back Bleached Print at ASOS

Motel Dalphine Dress Cross Ladder Back Bleached Print at ASOS

I think this one is really sexy with a tinge of rebellion in it don't you think? It reminds me of Angelina Jolie immediately. :D

My Closet Collection

This one looks good, exposes some skin and creates temptation by using semitransparent cloth. Good choice of colour, but I don't like the leopard pants. :O You can find it here.

White Cocktail Dress - Two Tone Dress | UsTrendy
White cocktail Dress, US Trendy

Ready for a innocent and pure image with a scent of sexiness? This is the dress for you! This really looks like Ga Young's dress which Young Gul made her in Fashion King. And I think it looks even prettier than hers! You can find it here.

Silver Embellished Vest Dress - Going Out Dresses  - Dress Shop  - Miss Selfridge US

Silver Embellished Vest Dress

This is just stunning! What more can I say? Tanned and fair, black and yellow and white, whatever skin colour you are, I think this dress will look radiant on you! Love it totally. Wish I can buy it sighs... You can find it here.

Charming at the Cantina Dress | Mod Retro Vintage Dresses | ModCloth.com

Charming at the Cantina Dress

This looks like something Kwon Yuri from SNSD will wear. Really soft and charming and will give you a innocent and pure image with a sense of underlying appeal! :D Find this dress here.

Quilted Panel Biker - Topshop

Quilted Panel Bike, Overlapping black jacket

Ready for some swag? Or a motorcycle ride? This is the jacket for you! Really cool and swaggerish. I can totally imagine it on CL of 2NE1 or Ha Ji Won for her character in Secret Garden!find this awesome jacket here.

Tucked Lace Dress in Red, Sweet Women's Country Clothing

Tucked Lace Dress in Red

Sweet dress. No other words for it. :) Find it here.

A beautiful 50s style cocktail dress shown made by elegance50s

A beautiful 50s style cocktail dress

Looking for some grey black dress? How about this? Find this here.

Kay that's all for now everyone! Keep reading! Promise that my crush story will be up by tomorrow! :D

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