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The Dog Without A Name

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One of  my older stories when I tried to make it into a novel but failed. It is incomplete as usual, which made me decide to post it here instead of letting it rot in my hard disc! :) Hope that you guys will like it! :)

 1. The Dog Without a Name
It was said that the weather often reflected one’s mood, and that was quite true, to a certain extent. For one, Rover was feeling rather edgy these few days, as though something was not quite right but he couldn’t quite put his paw to it. For another, the weather had been gloomy and the metal-grey sky had been crying buckets of tears every day for almost a week. Rover rested his head on his paws and sulked. He didn’t like the rain, not one bit. He wanted the sun to shine so that he could go out and play again.

Outside, the rain pounded down heavily, hitting the window panes like handful of gravel. Rover growled at the rain and lay his furry head down in defeat. At that moment, the living room door creaked open and James walked in.

Rover jumped up in joy at the sight of the little boy. He adored the boy ever since he was born, and that, Rover must admit, was not too long ago. Rover bounded over to James and wagged his tail hard, unable to express his elation at the sight of the little master. Barking happily, Rover licked James’ hand. James patted Rover’s soft head and smiled.

“Come, let’s go for a walk,” James said quietly to Rover.

Rover perked up his ears in surprise. Walk? In the rain? How could that be? Rover let out a little yelp of confusion.

“It’s okay, I will put you in a box and carry you, and I will wear a rain coat so we both won’t get wet,” James seem to read Rover’s mind.

Rover panted happily, excited at the thought of going out after staying indoors for eons. He gazed at the little boy adoringly. What a nice master, he thought, and what a lucky dog I am. He beamed to himself in a self-congratulatory manner. But why is James looking so sad? Did his parents quarrel again? Rover wondered to himself. James was usually a bright and cheerful person, and today…he just seemed so subdued and sad.

As James buckled his raincoat, Rover climbed into the cardboard box that James prepared for him. In the next minute, they were out of the house and out into the open air.

*** ***
Outside, a steady rain was still falling. The air was moist and damp and smelt like grass. The wind howled every so often, making Rover cringe and hide deeper into the cardboard box. Soon, they reached an empty bus-stop. James set the cardboard box down on the dry ground, pulled down his hood and sat down on the seat with a heavy sigh. Rover whined in concern.

James kept his head down and did not look up. Rover waited anxiously for something to happen.

After infinite moments, James finally looked up. Rover yelped in surprise and worry to see James’ tear-streaked face.

“Rover, I am so sorry. I am so very sorry. I didn’t want to do this, but I had to,” James cried, his words muffled and heavy.

Rover barked. What is he sorry about? Rover wondered. He is such a great master.

“I didn’t bring you out for a walk, Rover. I brought you out to leave you here,” James sobbed and looked at Rover with swimming eyes. “My dad says that my new mom hates dogs and I have to give you away, or he will throw me out of the house.”

Rover yelped in surprise and confusion. Give him away? Where would he go?

“I don’t know what to do, Rover, and I am going to leave you here…and I hope that someone nice will bring you home,” James said.

He stared at Rover for the last time, got up, and left.

He did not look back, not even when Rover started howling with pain that anyone who could hear could feel; and not even when rain came down in a curtain of despair.

That day, that stormy day, the dog lost his name.


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