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Holiday in Shanghi 1: The Perverted Drama

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Okays I just returned from my trip like a few days ago, and I am going to be blogging about my trip in many many parts, and one of the best part would be that I went to Shanghi's Zoo! Damn awesome place! Other than that, we still have quite a bit of sightseeing photos which I unfortunately cannot upload now......


Okay my iPhone is not stupid, and it did not literally crash, it more of hanged in the middle of me unlocking it and refused to be unlocked, so silly old me attempted to use voice-control to unlock it, but that voice-control recognition was apparently words-death or I spoke Alien to it, so it started playing a variety of music. I was so disgusted that I brought my phone down to a phone-repairing shop nearest to Grandma's house to have it repaired. The person basically just used iTunes to rest my phone to square one, i.e. I lost all my music, games, eBooks etc etc, but I begged him to retain all my photographs (all 600 of them) because they are so priceless and necessary for meh blogging.

So that scrawny phone-repairer dude hrrrrrmphed really loudly and declared that doing that would cost me 100rmb which translates into roughly S$20, which is so sad alright, because that would mean that I owe my mother S$150. Ackkks. Not to mention that my limbs nearly froze while waiting for the dude to sync my phone away happily, because it was so cold and I was breathing out steam, and then there were these ah-pehs there who like to stand just outside of the store and smoke their cigs. Double accckssss.

Okay enough of the phone, that was suppose to justify why I can't upload all my pictures, because all my pictures are stuck in the phone and they would be lost when I try to sync it with my com coz my iTunes would boot out all the "stale other stuff" you get what I mean? *pants from argument*

Anyway, I wanted to tell you guys about this really perverted drama that I watch in China called 《错嫁》 (Wrong Marriage in English, I think?) and it is like the most sadistic and tragic drama I have watched in my life, and that is saying something because I have not even finished watching the drama yet!

The story is about this extremely beautiful girl Su Xiang Ying who is reunited with her father after a very long period of separation. In the drama, we are told that Xiang Ying's mother was separated from her father when her father's shi fu (meaning Sensei/teacher) died and made him promise to marry his daughter at his deathbed. Left with no choice but to allow his Sensei to rest in peace, Xiang Ying's father agreed to marry the daughter and became the heir to his Sensei's business. I was like, why would you make an outsider inherit all your stuff? Why not just give it to your daughter? But my gram reminded me that this was all the way back in the past, so they probably see women as incapable of handling such matters?

After his Sensei passed away, Xiang Ying's father tried to reason with the Sensei's daughter that he cannot marry her because he is actually married with a baby! However, the Sensei's daughter refused to listen and insisted that he left his wife and child and marry her instead because he promised his Sensei! (My comment: The Sensei's daughter's bitchiness is a very crucial thing in this drama D:<) So he had to leave his wife and marry this smelly woman.

Three years later, when he tried to look for his wife as promised, he found out that she has already lose her marbles and had this flowers and leaves stuck in her hair and she was dancing around and singing that her husband would come for her because he promised to. Xiang Ying's father cried to see her like that.

So when father and daughter were reunited, the evil stepmother who is the Sensei's daughter of course didn't want Xiang Ying back--her appearance meant that the heirloom would have to be divided between her own daughter Ru Shuang and Xiang Ying. So she hatched this evil plot where she threw this grand party inviting this really fat and disgusting officer to the party knowing what kind of dirty old man he is (and that he would definitely lust after Xiang Ying).

Okay but that is not the main point. In fact all this unfortunate little incidents are going to pale next to the most revolting and unbelievable thing of all...
Su Xiang Ying (苏香颖) played by Gan Ting Ting (甘婷婷)

Xiang Ying is actually supposed to marry this guy...

Xiang Ying and Ding Yuan (鼎元)

But thanks to her god-awful step mother and her stupid father and a load of scheming and grossness involved, she married this filthy and immoral person instead...

 Qu De Sheng (曲德胜) [The guy closest to the table]

Tell me if this is disgusting. *mumbles incoherently*

Point here is that De Sheng is not just ugly with a missing front tooth and a hairless bald who resembles the troll from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, he is also extremely immoral and evil, he can just murder people without blinking an eye. He beat up Xiang Ying when they got married, and he cheated Xiang Ying's father and stepmother to get Xiang Ying to marry him in the first place. He force fed Xiang Ying wine, and even raped her when she refused to (naturally so) sleep with him. Oh yes, and he even tattooed his surname on Xiang Ying's neck. Gross, I say, gross.

Anyways, after that when Digusting Desheng was captured by some gangsters and buried alive, his equally immoral and horrible mother SOLD Xiang Ying to a family for "ming hun", which basically means that Xiang Yun had to marry a DEAD guy and then drink poison to kill herself thereafter to accompany the dead person.

Tell me if the show can get more twisted.

But here comes the good news. The family she was sold to was Ding Yuan's family, and he was shocked to see the person he loves in such a condition. Poor Ding Yuan is both heart broken and distraught to find out the Xiang Ying had been cheated to marry such a scumbag and he almost howled with grief and anger when he saw that she had the name tattooed on her neck. But he still loved her and didn't mind the fact that she actually already had a child with Smelly De Sheng and still want to marry her. So we think all is well when they finally got married...

On the day of the marriage, Disgusting Desheng came to claim his wife back, and he IS SUCH A TWO-FACED HYPOCRITE! He acted all innocent and like he was being bullied in front of everyone, asking for his "beloved" wife back, such that his poor baby could have a mother. I tell you that this family is shameless. By some stupidity, Xiang Ying went back to Disgusting D because she cannot bear to abandon her baby, and I stopped watching the show because it is so darn... ...twisted.

If you are interested in this drama of twistedness, you can watch it here: Cuo Jia Full Series

Okies, so much for now, will blog again soon! :)

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