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Garnier Brightening Eye Roll On

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I had always been fan of Garnier and tried quite some of their products but their Brightening Eye Roll On is something that I won't suggest for those that have problems with dark eye circles or puffy eye-bags to try.

Garnier Brightening Eye-roll on

According to the packaging on the box and also from their official website, the roll-on is supposed to show results after 2 weeks (reduced dark circles) and 4 weeks (reduced puffiness).

Proven Results from Garnier's Website.

What it is supposed to do.

Roll-on tip
The serum is easy to apply from a small slim bottle with a roll-on tip, and the metal ball feels very cool and refreshing on the under eye area. However, I had qualms about using it after reading an article that wondered if it would be unhygienic since that tip touches your skin and rolls back into the solution, so wouldn't the solution be contaminated? Some food for thoughts huh?

After application, the under eye area will feel wet and cool for a while before drying up and start to feel sort of stick instead. Sometimes after applying, my eyes will itch like crazy and I had to keep rubbing and rubbing it till they were dry and hurt.

Results of My Use
In the first two weeks when I tried on the roll on, my dark circles are as prominent as ever and barely showed any signs of lightening, and to be honest I was quite disappointed in the product because after all it is not cheap- I bought it at NTUC for S$19.90 or something close to that.

The only thing it seemed to have helped with was to prevent my dark circles from elongating to outer corners of my eyes because that tends to happen to me when I stay up late at night (to 1am or 2am) trying to complete my assignments. However, even that I cannot guarantee you because I have no evidence that it is indeed the roll-on that is helping.

Garnier Brightening Eye Roll On
Overall, I would actually only give this product a rating a 1.5/5 because it really doesn't do much for the dark eye circles, and I can't even be sure whether the aforementioned improvement was its doing, but I still gave it the benefit of doubt hence 1 mark. As for the other 0.5 mark, it is because most of the time the roll-on felt really good on my skin, it was refreshing and cooling, hence half a mark.

However, I still won't strongly recommend those of you combating dark eye circles to get this because it helps very minimally (some webs claim it does not help at all) and also because S$19.90 is not a small price to spent just to try out a product. I have tried it out, and it does not work for me, but if you feel that perhaps it can work differently for you guys, then by all means, go and ahead and try it out! :) Who knows if my eyebags are really fond of me and they are willing to fight all causes to stay with me?

Till the next post, see you!

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