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Holiday in Shanghi 2: The Scenery

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Hey guys, sorry for not blogging for a couple of days, but for those who checked my blog anyway, thanks so much for doing so! I have managed to get some pictures out of my photos, but unfortunately they are not the most important ones (like those in the zoo) but just random scenery...

Anyway, I will share with you all some of the pictures, and then blog about the people in Shanghi (darn competitive lot, mind you), and also about my cousin hehe.

The roadside book store selling pirated copies of books at $2-$5 (Singapore dollars)!

Woah! So much books on a tiny cart!

The street vendors of Shanghi, China.

Street Vendor selling piratede DVDs and VCDs! They have Korean Drama, "Nice Guy"!

Street Vendors offer a variety of services, even protective film sticking that is very professional!

Omy, so many bicycles! Favourite transport of the average Chinese. :D

One of Shanghi's Wet Markets.
 Shanghi's wet markets sell very "fresh" poultry such as chickens, ducks and even pigeons. Such birds are kept in very very crammed cages that are so small that they can barely flap their wings or roost comfortably. The animals are crammed against each other, wing to wing, and the cages are not even high enough for the poor birds to stretch their necks.
To be honest, I was really aghast by the living conditions, because it reminded me of the poem I read called the "Song of the Battery Hen" and I felt really sorry for the poor souls. They are animals that can feel, that can smell and that can think (however little), so why should they be subjected to such poor living conditions? The poor little clucking and cooing birds, I could do nothing for them.

Outside Wet market, they sell cooked delicacies.
 Shanghi's wet markets are really funny, I mean, inside is still reeking of blood and raw meat and a variety of stronger smelling veggies like chives and onions, then all of a sudden you see delicious (and oily) fried kuay teow and noodles and Chinese delicacies like Xiao Long Bao (steamed dumplings) and Guo Ties (Fried Dumplings)...
Super Yummy Fried Dumplings!
Roadside sculpture

Normal "HDB" Housings in Shanghi.

Artistic Shot by me!

Most of Shanghi's bus-stops are really just a pole with the bus-number-service tags...

The Buildings behind look pretty, so I had to take one more photo of it! :)

This photo is blur because my amateur photographer mom took it. And IT IS MY SWEATER THAT IS LUMPY (and not what you think!)

They were selling this bird thingy that is like 3 for S$2, super cute, but it is for eating. .___.

Took this while I was on the China Bus.

The shopping mall at my aunt's place.

Eh, the sky...not blue at all. A dusty grey.

One of Chinese favourite snacks! "Li Zhi", I have no idea what it is called in English because I think it tastes funny, and I don't eat it. :P
So much for now! Will blog more later!


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