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Holiday in Shanghi: Haul + {X'MAS GIVEAWAY!!!}

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Hello! I am going to show you guys some of the things I bought there! :)

A really cool school bag!
This seems lame...but I bought them because they are really cheap! False lashes (I used it on my cousin), double eyelid stickers and a tiny pump bottle! <3
My Granddad bought me this pair of Nike which costs around RMB 450. I think they are too expensive.
Guess what are these cute little poka dots?

The inside! They are all the same!

Cute sticky memo pad with little note tags.
Another two non-sticky note pads! All from the Pimi and Rudo brand! <3

There are 4 types of design!
Both of them are designed in similar way, one smaller and the other larger, but with 4 different designs each!
Set A Design, Pretty Letter Sets!

Set B Design Letter Sets, City of London! My favourite set because they are so beautiful! I will be giving them away for my friend's birthdays!
City of London other designs! I love them!
One of my favorites from the stack! I love the picture at the side!

Theodore (my teddy) loves them too! And I named my teddy Theodore after Theodore in Alvin and the Chipmunks! <3
London Bus Planner notebook! Only RMB8 in China! One of the cutest and cheapest ones around! Others cost RMB 20 to 30 dollars. This is so pretty right?

The inside of the planner. I am saving up money to get a better camera as the photo does not do justice to the beauty of the planner. I am loving it!
The small cute notebooks I got! Usually I give away all of them to my friends for birthday.
I am a huge fan of stationery and especially paper products, and I really really love it when people give me stationery and such for my birthday! So I always tend to give people what I like, and I love these notebooks! AHHHH! I SHALL KEEP THEM ALL FOR MYSELF HAW HAW HAW!!!

I love Music Series of Notebooks. So elegant!

Other random designs!
Beautiful notebooks! <3 Sorry to spam, I am so mesmerized bv the designs.

Pretty Stationery! Love the adorable pens! See the angel and devil ones?
A clearer shot, I hope. :x
The other pens I have got. All very adorable, and like I would say, this photo does not do them justice. Sighs.
China sells the most adorable M&G stationery refills ever! I really love these adorable stationery refills! Look at how beautiful their wrappings are! Especially my favourite one, which is the floral one (third from the left). It is so elegant and pretty that I can't bear to use them!

Pretty and adorable pen ink refills!
Another one? :3

All the single packs are sold for RMB 1 dollar, and the double ones are sold for RMB 2 dollars!
Oh yes! I got those ink refills sold in hard casings too! Look at the left of the photo below! The pen ink refills are so adorable! The flat rectangular ones to the most left has tiny little pictures of giggling Mama Toasts and Baby Toast on them!

Loving the refills.
Oh yes, I bought two stashes of them....I forgot. Here is the second stash. They are not as pretty as the first stash because they are the ones I bought this year (the first stash was bought from last year and the year before and they still work like wonders when I use the refills). I think the companies are becoming lazy with their wrapping designs, which is a little sad since I bought these mainly for the wrappings and not for the refills. I have always had this idea that M&G pens are those "use and throw" pens, but these refills have actually made me keep the old pens and refill them to reuse! It is a fantastic way of going green--> compare throwing away one pen to just throwing away only one refill!
Pen refills stash 2 bought this year! Some has stickers inside.
My huge stationery family. So beautiful~~
One thing that you guys want to note while buying these cheap yet hardy and adorable pens is that as the store owners in China is sometimes very strict, they may not let you test the ink (which is so anal, I think, what is we got a damaged pen?), but you, as a consumer has to fight for your rights to test the pen! Otherwise you may get a beautiful pen but with damaged tip or ink tube that will leak all over your writings when using, which is so terrible, my gosh. If they insist that you must not test, then you should still demand (in a nice but firm way) to test out the stationery after paying and ask for a change of items should the items turn out to be faulty!

I once bought several faulty pens where there ink seemed to have dried out and all, and let me tell you, it was really very irritating as a new pen. So don't be afraid of snappy store owners and test test test!

G-dragon keychain for RMB 5 dollars. <3

~*~*~*~GIVAWAY TIME!~*~*~*~

Of course, I am not a horrible person and I won't let you read this post and feel jealous of all the amazing stuff I purchased in China without sharing right! So, in view of the coming Christmas (my favourite celebration of the year even though my family don't celebrate), I am going to giveaway one set of stationery to my readers ho ho ho~! :D

And the whole point is that if this giveaway finally have some  decent number of participant, guess what? I will give away another set of items! :D How is that? So you have more chances to participate!

The Giveaway Goodies!
These are the seven small letter papers held by the clip!
 What I am giving away this time:
  • 1 Mashimaro Pen
  • 2 Pen Refills (for the Mashimaro Pen)
  • 1 Sticker Memo Blue
  • 1 set of Pink Ribbon Letter Set
  • 1 set of 7 mini letter papers held by star-shaped clip
  • 1 hand-written note of well wishes from me to you (lol *__*)
I have to apologize for the last gift because when I bought them in China, I didn't realize that one of them was a little torn at the side and just bought them as a set bundled by the paper strip shown on top. So sorry about that folks.

So how do you participate? It is very very simple! Follow these steps and I will have the items sent right to your house!
  1. Like my Facebook Page here!
  2. Look for the image of the giveaway goodies on my Facebook Page, like, share and comment why you want to win and tag 3 friends (make sure tags link)!
  3. Comment on this post with your name and email and you are all ready to win!
This contest is only limited to people living in Singapore because I have to pay for all the postage with my own pocket money and I have very little money left after going to Shanghi, sighs. The contest will be opened till 31st December and winner will be announced on 1st of January! Winners will be picked at random and will be contacts via email for your mailing address and if you don't reply within 3 days, then another winner will be picked at random.

Please note that none of the products about are sponsored and I will not be responsible for any lost, damaged or missing items. I have not tried the pen or the refills and I am sorry if they turn out to be faulty. :'( 

Have fun this coming Christmas and HO HO HO!
Merry Christmas Everyone!
Lots of Love,


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