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Holiday in Shanghi 3: Going there! :3

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Anyways, the plane there had these seats (all the seats lar) were like super NARROW like they are meant for those type of red carpet models and actresses. In fact they were so narrow that my knees were bumping against the seat in front, and let me tell you that was not a very nice feeling. I felt that I was being placed in a super small cage with limited oxygen supply (small spaces just make me feel oxygenand then it was all I could do to make myself breath really slowly such that I don't hyperventilate there and then on the plane.

This time's going to Shanghi was a little bit different from the past years, because this time, for the sake of looking good at the airport (even though no one probably looked at me), I put on make-up. *facepalms*

I know, that line "I put on make-up to look better" was so eeyer that I cringed while typing it, but I do think that I did look marginally better with it. I think I got a photo of it somewhere...
How do you like it?
For one thing, my eyes appeared BIGGER and so-called "more energetic" which is very good. And then I felt better also because in case I did anything unglamorous or Stompable (Definition: an action worth Stomping on Stomp) in the airport and unfortunately I do get stomped, well, no one would recognize me right! So smart!

AHA! Here comes the brilliant news out of the crammed seats. You see this is a very large plane, and then there were not enough passengers, and along with the fact that I was in fact sitting with my mother at the last few rows of the seats, we had like the last 3 rows or so of the seats to ourselves! My mom snuggled happily in 2 window seats by herself and I was even worse/better, I booked the whole row of 3 seats in the center aisle such that I can remove all the hand rests and lie down to sleep! WAHAHAHAHA!

I was sitting on one seat, my bag one seats and the 3 pillows one seat!
Anyway, you can't imagine how comfortable it is to be lying down on 3 seats (despite the uncomfortable ridges that cut into my back) and snoozing away. However, I have to admit that it was quite embarrassing because 1. I don't look sixteen, I look like I am 26 or something, and people are like omg is she doing that. 2 The air-steward/ess will walk past and look at you then ask, do you need anything, so I had to scramble up and reply. .___. Haiz.
Okay anyways, there was this group of Singapore-Old-Lady-cum-aunties tourist group that was sitting near me and my mom and let me tell you, THEY ARE SUCH A NOISY BUNCH!!! No etiquette! I snapped a picture of their tour leader to show to you all!

The tour leader.

When she just boarded the plane, she immediately cope TWO empty seats for herself at the back, and that is not the end, she started hollering for her old-ladies-friends to come and join her at the back, which the old ladies fortunately refused. And throughout the plane ride, she must have walked up and down the aisle like 60 times or something, chattering noisily and being a tiring know-it-all. She didn't even go to sleep okay! She just kept irritating me and my mom by popping in and out of her seat and lumbering up and down the aisle to talk to her travel-mates. I think at the 30th time or something, my mother let out this loud tsk of frustration and that old lady is just like unaware and grin happily at her friends. Haiyo.
Next to that, old ladies are quite a funny bunch. One of them actually brought PEANUTS (oh my god. I hate peanuts) to eat on the plane, and she grabbed this handful of peanuts with her scrawny hands and offered it around. Then she stashed the rest into her mouth and gobbled it all up, dropping a lot on the plane floor and down her front. >__< Poor airplane crew has more stuff to clean.

The airplane food is horrible, like usual, and here is the food:

Noodles with chicken, it looks okay here but it is really the smell that is gagging.

Close-up of the noodles.
The disgusting salad thingy. My face contorted at the sight of it.
The airplane food smelled terrible, looked gross and I almost gagged trying to sniff it. In case you are wondering which airline that is, it is China Eastern Airlines. Their food is one of the grossest I have ever seen. I took Singapore Airlines once when I was a kid (no recollection of it on my behalf) but my mom said Singapore Airlines has planes that wobbled too much and make her sick, so we stopped taking it. CEA planes don't wobble as much, in fact they don't wobble at all, so we are all safe from air sickness. The only gross part is their disgusting food but of course Kira is not stupid and she has a back up plan....

Whahahaha! Delicious Sausage McMUFFIN!

So I had a good meal on the plane after all hehehehes!

Anyways, in case you guys are planning to take China Eastern Airlines, be prepared with your own food because their food is darn gross, so be ready for it!

So much for now!


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